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Organize Yourself as a Lean Project Enterprise

Reduce Waste & Maximize Value

Typical project-based organizations suffer from significant waste due to inefficiencies that arise from siloed operations, systems and data. This creates disconnected processes, poor visibility, and therefore poor decision-making capabilities. The result is inflated costs with unnecessarily large buffers and slack to account for these inherent inefficiencies.

Learn from History

Back in the 1990s, when business solutions for the real-time synchronization of mass manufacturing (MRPII) and Lean were introduced, silos were broken down and early adopters soon outperformed the laggards dramatically with a 62 percent difference in their total return on investments.1

Productivity in manufacturing has nearly doubled, while remaining flat in project industries. We transform project industries to reach the same productivity growth as traditional industries.

Project Industry Productivity

The Lean Transformation

Remove Inefficiencies
Align your organization, work faster and respond to changes more effectively.

Improve Decision Making
Increase visibility to identify and react to risks early before they manifest into bigger problems.

Increase Accountability
Gain control over your processes and learn as an organization.

Learn more about ADEACA ONE, the solution to help you become lean.

Learn How Others Did it

Real-time lean operations for project-based companies is possible, and as leaders in their industries our customers prove it every day.

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