Lean (R)evolution for Project Industries

Next major breakthrough in productivity is coming from unifying Project Financials and Operations inside the ERP system. Introducing first-in-class Lean ERP for Project Industries.

ADEACA ONE on Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Your Business is Projects

Whether you call them projects, engagements, or service contracts, your business is a project-based business. You are like the 20% of all companies that organize their business activities in projects. All project-driven companies suffer from the same fundamental problem – the separation of project operations and project finance from your ERP.

Like most project companies you probably run your project management system and project financial system separately. You may have a separate ERP in which you try to consolidate all the data. This separation causes delays in data delivery as well as inaccurate information, both of which lead to an incomplete picture and the inability to make real-time, data-driven decisions for your business.

Projects are the center of your business. You need a Unified Project Solution to run your enterprise.

Unified Project Solution™

ADEACA "reconstructed" Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise ERP into a holistic solution for project-based companies. We brought projects to the center of the ERP to create a Unified Project Solution and meet the demands of the Real-Time Economy.

Project ERP
ADEACA ONE Systematizes proven processes so every part of your organization is aligned and information is both reliable and timely. It addresses your entire project-based business, not just a part of it. With ADEACA ONE, financial and operational project management are not separate processes that need to be integrated. They are simply different aspects of the same ERP, working together in concert.


Meet the Pioneers

Real-time operations for project-based companies is possible, and as leaders in their industries our customers prove it every day. Our customers share their journey into real-time project operations.


ICM cuts ERP costs by more than $400,000 while streamlining enterprise project management with ADEACA.

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Doing Business in Real-Time


It is possible to operate your entire portfolio of projects in real time and in sync with all company departments and functions. But the only way to operate in real time is with real-time information.

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The real-time project enterprise is not simply about speeding up information flow. It is also about being able to monitor your entire portfolio continuously and react instantly when conditions change.

Project insight, such as estimate at completion, variance, margins and risk profiles should be aggregated and accessed with the tap of a button. Armed with such real-time insight, you are better equipped to meet the demands of the Real-Time Economy and respond faster, exercising more control over risk, profitability and cash flow.


ADEACA is a specialized Microsoft industry partner, focused primarily on the research and development of new business processes and ERP software for project-based companies. Representing Microsoft in project-centric industries, we reconstruct and refine Microsoft’s products and services to empower and enable businesses to not only adapt to the Real-Time Economy, but drive it.

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