Project Estimation

Enhance your project sales process with streamlined estimating and planning

Fast and accurate project estimation protects profitability and reduces rework.

Proper project estimation and planning makes project sales easy. No more losing deals because you over-price your projects. No more losing money because you under-estimate.

Sell more. Sell faster. Deliver.

The right approach to project estimating and planning will optimize your project sales process.

  • Increase sales capacity by delivering detailed project plans faster
  • Accelerate sales by getting the plan right the first time
  • Increase customer satisfaction by delivering on your promises

Project Estimation Capabilities You Need

To enhance your sales process, you need crucial capacities in project estimation and planning.

fast project estimation

Fast Turnaround

Any salesperson, estimator or project manager should be able to create complex project plans and price estimates in minutes, not days. It should be easy to create multiple drafts/versions as options for your customer.

accurate project quotes

Accurate Quotes

Your quotes and project plans should reflect reality. This is what it will look like when you actually do the project.

project sales to execution transition

Instant Transition

Since the project plan and pricing is accurate, there is no more “Now how do we make this work?” You can immediately transition from proposal to live project.

Project Cost Estimation and Scheduling Cornerstones

To achieve the project sales capabilities above key elements are required.


Your sales estimating process needs to be standardized around best practices. Every project is unique, but you have standard ways to develop those projects. Everyone should do it the best way, every time.

Integrate Project Financials and Operations

Project schedules and estimates are inextricably linked. Once you create the plan, the cost and pricing automatically follow. You should know exactly the cost for every workflow item in the schedule automatically.

Systemize Project Estimations

Capture your planning and estimating best practices and apply them across the organization. Scale and automate best practices through a system built for project business.

Better Estimation and Planning = Better Sales = Better Outcomes

When you commit to a better estimation process in your organization you can expect better results for you can your clients.


  • Best practices readily distributed throughout the enterprise
  • More control
  • Produce standardized, measurable outputs
  • Less reliance on individual performance and more on process


  • Build projects faster
  • Accelerate the sales process
  • Configurable formula-based models make it fast and easy to build out timelines and budgets based on company sanctioned standards


  • Automated process to reduce human error
  • Optimal project structure every time
  • Eliminate erratic and “wishful” sales proposals


  • Sales, planning and operations teams work together seamlessly
  • Project Managers can more easily support each other
  • Enable multiple planners and controllers on a single project
  • Task owners and team members easily navigate plans across different projects

Revolutionize Your Project Sales with Project Modeling from Adeaca

Project success starts with sales.

Adeaca PBA’s Project Modeler™ enables you to create optimal project schedules and financial estimates from the outset. Develop more accurate plans in less time, accelerating the sales process and driving better outcomes for your customers.