Project Business Focus

As a project-based company, you are unique, just like your projects. You need a partner that understands project business and can apply project-centric principles to your solutions. We are the only comprehensive technology partner with a focus on project-based business.

We have the project industry experience

We have worked with project-based companies for more than 10 years. We understand the difficulties project companies face. Through this experience we have developed our own unique expertise and technology to create the right solutions for our customers.

In our position, we have worked with project-driven companies in a variety of industries. Although these businesses seem completely different on the surface, their project-based business and operations models are the same. We can apply learnings from these different industries to formulate productive solutions for project business in a way no one else can.

We apply project governance principles for better outcomes

Over the last 10 years, we have developed our own Essential Project Governance Framework, and we apply this framework to your solution. The aim is to standardize and integrate your processes and data, so you can systemize your project governance as much as possible.

With systemized governance, we can give you real-time insight and enhanced collaboration that leads to better project outcomes. In the end, better project governance enables you to deliver more projects in scope, on time and on budget, which means your business is more efficent and has more capacity to grow. 

Better Governance

  • Standardized controls
  • Integrated processes & data

Better Insight

  • One source of truth
  • Reliable, real-time intelligence

Better Collaboration

  • Alignment & accountability
  • Stakeholder engagement

Better Outcomes

  • Predictable results
  • On time, on budget

We provide a full range of project-centric technology and services

As the go-to Microsoft partner in project industries, we are able to bring the full power of Microsoft’s technology stack to you. We then couple Microsoft’s applications with our own technology in a seamless manner to solve your unique project-driven problems. No matter your immediate need or long-term strategy, we can help as your project business technology partner.

In addition to the technology, we also bring our project business expertise and experience together in a full range of services to ensure your solution works for you. From architecting the right solution, to implementing that solution to helping you manage the change for your organization, we make sure you are successful by providing the whole solution to you from start to finish.

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