Our Mission: To make enterprise software work for project business.

To that end: we created Project Business Automation

Our focus is project business, and on addressing the need for standardized, integrated and automated project business processes. We are giving companies with critical project needs the tools to transform into fully integrated, proactively managed organizations.

We are building the future of projects

If you are frustrated with the archaic and convoluted way in which projects are managed today, join Adeaca on our mission to revolutionize the industry.

If you are a project expert, help us bring Project Business Automation to the world.

We See the Problem

Poor project outcomes

From our founding in 2007, we started with the vision to improve the project owner experience. With half or more of projects finishing behind schedule or over budget, there is vast room for progress, and nothing has been done to improve the situation.

All project-driven business operates the same way

Our founder recognized early on that all project-driven processes in any business, no matter their industry, operate in the same essential fashion, and that technology could be applied to vastly improve how these businesses govern their processes, gather and analyze data, and manage workflows. Armed with these advancements, project-driven organizations can operate more efficiently and profitably, with greater control over their projects, enabling them to deliver better outcomes.

We Know What’s Missing

We are project industry experts. We understand project-driven businesses cannot deliver better outcomes because of three primary reasons:

  • No standardized project governance
  • No timely information to detect problems early enough to rectify them
  • Inefficient collaboration among project team members and stakeholders

We solve these problems to generate a meaningful positive impact on our customers.

We See the Bigger Picture

Companies cannot govern projects effectively, produce reliable timely information, nor collaborate well because their systems don’t support it.

Not Integrated

Systems run separately in a siloed manner. Data is not shared and processes are not synchronized.

Not real-time

Insight is outdated and compiled manually – prone to error and bias.

Not accessible

Stakeholders cannot access information easily in a timely fashion, leading to poor collaboration.

Integration is Key

To solve this problem, you must elevate your viewpoint from separate departmental needs to what the project business as a whole requires. With this new perspective, we can easily see that the integration of systems and data is the key to the solution.

We Built the Solution

We built the first Project Business Automation system that unifies all project business functions into one system. With standardized processes, seamless workflows and one source of truth, we can now offer companies these unprecedented capabilities:

Comprehensive Project Governance

Standardized and automated processes across departments and functions.

Real-time Insight

One source of truth provides 24/7 real-time visibility into project and portfolio performance.

Complete Collaboration

Integrate normally disparate functions to provide seamless worklfows so you can effectively collaborate.

Better Project Outcomes = Better Customer Experience

This allows companies to operate more efficiently and with greater control, leading to better project delivery and happier project owners. We have spent the last 10 years refining and perfecting our solution, gaining industry-leading customers that prove our vision.

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PBA Quick Guide

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