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Simple and Transparent Pricing

Estimate your costs to ensure your investment in Project Business Automation works for you.

Your investment in PBA will transform the way you do business and return significant value to your company. Please find Adeaca Project Business Automation pricing listed below. Use our calculator to estimate your company's total cost.

PBA Addresses the Key Value Drivers for Your Project-Based Company

project cost management

Cost Control

PBA creates a structure that governs how you manage your project financials. The result is consistent real-time visibility into project costs and clearer forecasts, so you can deliver more projects within budget.

project risk management

Risk Readiness

PBA prepares your business for risk by automatically monitoring your project and business KPIs in real time. The early warning allows you to detect and respond to issues faster. The result is reduced variance in your projects, which protects your margins.

project deliverability


PBA sets up your operations to deliver more projects on time by optimizing capacity and managing internal and external constraints. The result is you meet client expectations while maximizing the use of your revenue-producing resources.

Adeaca PBA delivers better project business performance with a
comprehensive enterprise cloud solution to master these key success drivers.

Estimate Your Cost

We will estimate your cost based on average distribution of users across your company. 100 employees minimum. (Min.100**)

Adeaca PBA Estimated Monthly Cost*

Price for Adeaca PBA only. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance (D365F) is required. See below for price that includes D365F.

Total Estimated Monthly Cost*

Price for Adeaca PBA and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance.

Transparent and up front investment estimates

So you know exactly what to expect.

* This tool estimates your monthly license cost based on a standardized assumption that 1/5 (20%) of your employees will be full access users. This may vary based on your business and employee requirements. 

The top price includes Adeaca PBA only in the case you already have Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance (D365F) or are purchasing it elsewhere. The bottom price estimates your total including D365F. For countries outside Microsoft's normal pricelist, prices are listed in USD. Please contact us to request local currency pricing.

This estimate does not include implementation, which is a one-time cost that can range anywhere from 1 to 4 times your yearly license cost. Please ask us for full price quote to include an implementation estimate.

** The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance platform requires a minimum commitment of 20 full users, and that sets the lower limit for this calculator to 100 employees. The number of employees can of course be lower than 100 as long as you commit to at least 20 full users, which is the price displayed if you enter 100 employees in the calculator. Please contact our sales team to discuss what make sense for your company.

The Quick Guide to Project Business Automation

PBA Quick Guide

A high-level guide to the business system for project-based companies

This Quick Guide to Project Business Autoamtion will help you understand PBA and how it applies to your business. What you will learn:

  • What is Project Business Automation?
  • Who is PBA for?
  • What problem does PBA solve and why is it needed?
  • What are the core elements of PBA?
  • What are the key benefits of PBA?

If you are in architecture, engineering and construction, ETO/contract/project manufacturing or professional services, you need this guide.

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PBA Quick Guide

PBA Quick Guide

This Quick Guide to Project Business Automation gives you a high-level overview of PBA and how it can be applied to your project-based company.

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