Project Supply Chain

Inform project with real-time supply chain data

Minimize disruptions and the impact on operational and financial workflows, affecting overall project delivery. Adeaca PBA Project Supply Chain enables real-time visibility and constrains your project based on material or production delivery and costs.

Create Project-Driven MRP 

Demands for materials or production and supply chain disruptions are automatically captured in real time to inform your project.  

Project Supply Chain instantly alerts the appropriate project stakeholders to any constraints as they occur so adjustments can be made to the project plan and updated needs can be communicated to suppliers right away. 

  • Provides accurate and timely supply chain data that can potentially impact deadlines, schedules, and costs 
  • Captures disruptions early to leave time for re-planning and re-sourcing 
  • Ensures project deadlines are not affected due to lack of awareness of supply chain delays, constraints, and disruptions 

Better Data Leads to Faster Decision Making

Project managers are often left in the dark, unaware of what’s holding up the project.

Operating in multiple systems and using manual processes to take requirements from the project plan to drive supply chain and production needs and vice versa, results in unnecessary delays and uninformed employees.



As part of Adeaca Project Business Automation, Project Supply Chain automatically integrates all supply chain process data into the project’s work and cost breakdown structures.



Project Supply Chain immediately captures accurate, relevant, and timely supply chain data including any costs, disruptions, constraints, and limitations.



Supply chain costs and constraints are automatically exposed and used as control mechanisms on the project so that the necessary adjustments can be made in a timely manner.

How Project Supply Chain Works

Real-time exchange of essential data between the supply chain and project.

Project Supply Chain completely integrates all supply chain data into the project, giving you real-time visibility into the status of the production and procurement components of a project. Any disruption in the supply chain is immediately flagged in the project schedule.

  • No more assuming everything on the supply chain is on schedule
  • No more discovering a problem too late causing further delays and budget overruns
  • Determine if the project task is going to be completed early, on time, or late
  • Compare when you can expect to get the materials needed for the task to the original expected date

How Project Supply Chain brings value to your organization

project cost control

Better Cost Control

Project Supply Chain ensures that all supply chain operations including lead time, inventory limits, logistics, disruptions, production, and sourcing capacity, etc. are automatically integrated into Adeaca PBA so you can inform or constrain your project based on the data. It will notify you of any potential disruptions, so you don’t incur additional costs through missed deadlines or penalties.

project risk readiness

Enhanced Risk Readiness

Project Supply Chain ensures that any changes in terms of procurement, inventory, or capacity are immediately brought to the attention of the appropriate stakeholders to make the necessary adjustments to the project plan. Changes can be communicated to the vendor and mitigating actions can be taken right away. As a result, more projects are delivered on time and on budget.

project delivery

Improved Delivery

Project Supply Chain informs the project so you can keep your project schedule on track. With accurate and real-time supply chain data, projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Download the Feature Brief: Project Supply Chain

Download the Project Supply Chain Feature Brief to learn more and discover what it can do for your company.

What you will learn:

  • What is Project Supply Chain and its purpose
  • How does it work
  • Problems Project Supply Chain solves
  • Use cases for Project Supply Chain
  • How Project Supply Chain will benefit your company

If you struggle to understand how your supply chain affects your projects in real time, you need this brief.

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