Sensor Points™

Real-time KPI tracking for project business

Sensor Points automatically monitor key financial and operational data on all your projects in real time. Once a key performance indicator (KPI) passes outside an acceptable range, the system flags all deviations for further investigation.

Key Project Information at a Glance

The sensor point system provides a real-time in-depth view of potential problem areas without having to manually data-mine the project.

Sensor Points allow mangers to quickly identify problem areas and fix them faster and with greater accuracy.

  • Automatically monitor important project events
  • Deviations are flagged instantly
  • Visual indicators make it easy to identify problem areas

Easy-to-see Project Performance

A visual system to draw your attention to the most important and immediate aspects of your projects.

Good to go

Good to go

Everything should be progressing as planned or even better.

pay attention

Pay attention

You may need to watch these items more closely.



Something is wrong that may require immediate action.

How it Works: Adeaca Sensor Points

Key performance metrics on every project are analyzed in real-time.

Adeaca PBA's Sensor Points™ are used throughout the solution to visualize performance indicators across financial and operational disciplines. This main project Sensor Point view provides real-time insight into potential problem areas at a project level without having to manually data-mine the project.

  • No more downloading and compiling data from different systems
  • No more waiting days or weeks for spreadsheet reports to tell you there was a problem
  • The system does the constant monitoring and analysis

How Sensor Points bring value to your organization

Transparency and Early Detection

Sensor Points constantly watch key metrics on every project. As soon as any metric crosses a critical threshold, it is easily identified for further investigation. To enhance this feature, Sensor Points trigger Project Autopilot alerts for automatic notification to project stakeholders.

No important issue goes unnoticed and therefore problems are identified and addressed faster. This early detection enables timely and effective mitigation before small issues become big problems that jeopardize the success of the project.

As a result of this transparency and early detection of issues, Adeaca Sensor Points deliver real value to your project business.

project cost control

Better Cost Control

Sensor Points ensure that issues do not spiral out of control into expensive mitigation territory. Through constant and automated monitoring, Sensor Points make sure that critical items are seen and dealt with faster, lowering the costs of mitigation significantly. 

project risk readiness

Enhanced Risk Readiness

Risks that jeopardize the health of the project are instantly identified. As a result, the team is better prepared to focus on the right issues at the right time and mitigate risks faster and with more accuracy.

project delivery

Improved Delivery

Operational issues and delays are pinpointed earlier and more accurately, so corrective actions can be taken, and more projects are delivered on time and with better quality.

Download the Feature Brief: Sensor Points

Download the Sensor Points feature brief to learn more and discover what they can do for your company.

What you will learn:

  • What are Sensor Points and why they are part of PBA
  • How do Sensor Points work
  • Scenarios and use cases for Sensor Points
  • The particular Sensor Points included out-of-the-box with Adeaca PBA
  • The value Sensor Points bring to your organization

If you are struggling to understand your projects and business in real time, you need this brief.

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