We are changing the world of project business

Our innovations transform how project-driven business gets done.

We ask the hard questions

"Why is enterprise software so hard to use for project-based companies?" "What do project businesses need to support their processes?" "Why can't project businesses be just as efficient as other industries?"

Our Vision: Project Business Automation

Project Business Automation is about making enterprise software work for project-driven business.

Whether you call them contracts, engagements, jobs, or anything else, if you deliver your products and services through projects with a budget, you are doing project business. You need a software that supports your core project business needs.

PBA delivers one integrated platform to run your project business from end-to-end.

Discover How We Help You

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What You Do

Your whole company or an important part of it is engaged in project-driven activities, or what we call project business. No matter your industry, if projects are an vital part of your business, you need PBA.

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Your Size

We work with businesses from 100 to 5000 people or more. More important than your size is the size of your project business. If you need to manage your projects like a business, PBA is for you. 

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Problems We Solve

Project business presents a unique set of challenges. The fact is that most systems and technologies do not support your processes. We help companies leave behind their cluster of spreadsheets and disparate project tools in favor of one integrated solution

Project Business Solutions

What We Do

We built the first Project Business Automation (PBA) solution to solve these core problems for project-driven business needs. With PBA, all aspects of your business are seamlessly integrated.

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Who We Are

We are an innovative software company that is driven to provide the leading project business solution available. 


Where We Work

Project business is everywhere; so are we. Through our ecosystem  we deliver solutions to project businesses all over the world.

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Our Customers

Project-driven businesses across all industries trust Adeaca. We help our clients simplify the complex world of project business.

Project Business Automation Blueprint

How to Get Started

The first step in learning more about Adeaca is to download our Quick Guide to Project Business Automation and discover how PBA can transform your business.

The Quick Guide to Project Business Automation

PBA Quick Guide

A high-level guide to the business system for project-driven organizations

This Quick Guide to Project Business Automation will help you understand PBA and how it applies to your business. What you will learn:

  • What is Project Business Automation?
  • Who is PBA for?
  • What problem does PBA solve and why is it needed?
  • What are the core elements of PBA?
  • What are the key benefits of PBA?

If a crucial part of your business is about running projects successfully, you need this guide.

What our customers say about us

“Before we were doing everything on spreadsheets. Now we have a shared service organization.”

“It’s a game changer. We get the right information to the right people quickly and simply.”

“The most important thing is that managers are able to make decisions with real-time data. That is a key differentiator for our business.”

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PBA Quick Guide

PBA Quick Guide

This Quick Guide to Project Business Automation gives you a high-level overview of PBA and how it can be applied to your project-driven business.

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