Case Study: Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Adeaca PBA™ for Construction and AEC

APi Group Transforms with Adeaca Project Business Automation

APi Group standardizes, integrates, automates project business processes with Adeaca PBA™, for real-time insight, lower risk and better outcomes.

Learn how APi Group utilizes Adeaca Project Business Automation on Microsoft Dynamics to sync information in real time across their entire portfolio of construction projects.

Executive Summary

APi Group, a mulit-billion dollar specialty contractor construction firm, uses Adeaca Project Business Automation to standardize business processes across its portfolio of subsidiaries, providing real-time insights to executives to help make better, more timely decisions.

In this case study case study learn why & how APi Group:

  • Saves time and ultimately money by alerting managers to issues before they become widespread problems
  • Standardized and simplified system processes for project managers
  • Optimized workflows and reduced delays


Over the past four decades, APi Group has grown rapidly by acquiring numerous companies in various locations. Many companies elected to keep their own internal systems and processes. That made it extremely difficult for the leaders of the parent company to collect, analyze and use the massive amounts of data flowing into the organization every day.

Additionally, because project tracking details and financial data were spread across multiple companies and systems, it was extremely challenging for APi’s executives to have a good understanding of the business overall.

Like other Project Businesses (i.e. project-based companies), APi knew that to successfully fulfill its contracts with its customers, project managers had to accurately plan the work, understand the status of each job in real time, and forecast whether they will have the resources necessary to complete each project on time and on budget.

The company knew that not having real-time insight into its delivery operations would increase risk and decrease profits.

The Project Business Automation Solution

After looking at many products and extensively vetting several of them, including Oracle/JD Edwards, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics AX, the company selected Microsoft Dynamics AX running Adeaca PBA as its business platform.

APi leaders recognized that combining Dynamics AX with Adeaca PBA will provide greater control over the planning, estimation, monitoring, and delivery of their projects. With the integration of Adeaca PBA’s capabilities in Dynamics AX, APi Group gains real-time insight into project performance, reducing risk and increasing profitability.

"There are a lot of different systems throughout our company and we’re bringing that all together under one platform," said Mike McParlan, Chief Operating Officer.

APi’s main goal was to improve its ability to gain timely insight into its projects by creating one common platform across the organization. The company wanted to track its delivery operations in real time as well as manage its global portfolio of large-scale projects.

Considering Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations? 

Download the Whitepaper: Dynamics 365 Project Operations and Project Business Automation

For your project-driven business on Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, you may consider the new offering from Microsoft called Project Operations. But what is Project Operations, who is it for, and what exactly are you getting? Find out in this whitepaper.

In this document, we explore the best types of industries and businesses that should find value in Project Operations and those that will need something more. We provide a high-level comparison between the functionality found in Dynamics 365 and Adeaca PBA, so you can decide what makes the most sense for you.


“It’s a game changer,"

"Because it will save time, money and allow for more flexibility for the project manager, whose ability to interact with the system will get a lot simpler,” McParlan said.

“The project managers like the way Adeaca is simple to interact with – they have the ability to set up key Sensor Points, like receivables, to help them go through a project,” McParlan said. “And setting up a budget is relatively simple compared to where we were at before. The ability to get approval on workflow has also improved for us.”

With Project Business Automation from Adeaca, APi has better information at its fingertips to help the company make better decisions and improve the delivery and productivity of its projects. The company is able to eliminate delays and waste across the organization in unprecedented ways.

“When I look to Adeaca that’s really what I’m looking to do – get information to the right people quickly and simply,” McParlan concluded.

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