Project Risk Management

Minimize and prevent issues that put your projects at risk

The key to excellent risk management is exceptional risk readiness

Managing project risk is all about being ready to detect and mitigate small issues before they become big problems. If you are “ready” for risk, you can prevent issues that put your project success in jeopardy.

Project Risk Readiness is About Information

If you are ready for risk, you reduce the chance that issues will negatively impact your projects.
The key to being ready for risk is knowing what is going on at all times.

project risk

Low Knowledge = High Risk

In project business, there are so many things that could go wrong. Known and unknown risks threaten not only single projects, but the business itself.

  • How do you keep track of all those risks?
  • How do you know where to look?
  • Who can you trust to give you the right information?

It is a constant and chaotic struggle, reacting too late to problems that could have been prevented.

project oversight

High Knowledge = Low Risk

Imagine if you could constantly monitor every part of every project in real time.

  • If profit margins start to slip – you know about it
  • If deadlines or milestones are missed – you know about it
  • If external constraints delay a project – you know about it

When problems occur, you know. You have the right information in time to mitigate the risk.

Key Project Risk Management Capabilities You Need

Monitor financial and operational data in real time 24/7.

Gather and organize your project data so you can analyze it for risk in real-time. Always understand your cost and scheduling KPIs and where your project stands.

Automatically analyze your project data so you don’t have to sift through it.

Beyond manual gateway reviews, systemize the analysis of your projects. Measure performance in real-time against critical thresholds you determine.

Automatically warn the right people when things are not acceptable.

Present actionable intelligence to the right people the instant a problem occurs. You can pinpoint the issue quickly and resolve it before it becomes a major problem.

Better Project Risk Management = Better Business Performance

project cost control

Better Cost Control

Constant and automated monitoring makes sure that critical items are seen and dealt with by the appropriate people faster, lowering the costs of mitigation significantly.

project risk capacity

Increased Capacity

With the right solution, you can focused on fixing problems rather than trying to find them. That means your people have the capacity to do more.

better project delivery

Improved Delivery

Operational issues and delays are pinpointed earlier so corrective actions can be taken. As a result, more projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Project Autopilot from Adeaca Delivers 24/7 Risk Oversight

As part of Adeaca Project Business Automation, Project Autopilot monitors all your projects in real-time and automatically notifies you if anything is out of the norm.

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