Project Workflow

Keep projects moving automatically

Let the workflow inform what task should be completed next without having to manually assign upcoming tasks.

As part of Adeaca Project Business Automation, the Project Workflow allows project managers to easily oversee the progression of a project instantly.

What is a Project Workflow?

A project workflow takes a normally static project plan and turns it into an automatically executed series of tasks. The project workflow automatically starts tasks that are ready to be started by notifying their owners. Once a task is complete, the next task is automatically kicked-off, and the progression and costs of completed tasks are automatically recorded.

The Project Workflow in a Generation 3 Project Business System

The Project Workflow provides unique capabilities that go beyond other solutions on the market.

Since Generation 1 and 2 systems today do not integrate their project financials and operations, it’s difficult to see how the project workflow has immediate financial implications.

Due to the true integration of a generation 3 system, the Project Workflow has an immediate financial implication. When a specific task is completed, it clears any cost to complete for that task, which can be transferred to the costing sheet.

An Automatic Progression of the Project

Many project-based companies fail to have a project workflow structure to guide what project tasks should be completed and in what order, so projects are often delivered late and over budget. The Project Workflow allows project managers to see how the project should progress and manage the workflow accordingly.

The Project Workflow provides:

  • Completed work percentage at all levels of the work breakdown structure by comparing the remaining work estimate to actual work posted
  • Scheduled progress is tracked based on the workflow status of the work breakdown structure tasks and remaining work estimates

Let the Workflow Inform What Project Task Should be Completed Next

See what tasks are completed, what task is currently underway, and what tasks are coming up.

When a task is complete, the Project Workflow automatically kicks off the next task, notifying the necessary task owners and stakeholders involved. Once a task is completed, the remaining work is cleared, and the percentage completed is updated automatically. As a result, project managers can begin to manage their projects by exception, only intervening when projects are not progressing as planned.



The Project Workflow tracks the status of each project task, whether it’s started, completed, and the remaining work left.



The Project Workflow enables project managers to keep projects moving automatically.



The Project Workflow automatically notifies the necessary task owners when to start the next task.

How the Project Workflow Works

Automatic progression of a project

The Project Workflow allows you to set up a constraint-based schedule so that you can let the workflow dictate what tasks should be tackled in the order that guarantees projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Essentially, when a task is marked complete, the next task is automatically kicked off. This also clears the remaining work status, and the overall project completion percentage is updated.

Immediate notification in timesheet

The timesheet shows action assignments. When a task is completed, the next task is automatically kicked off and whoever is responsible for completing the task is immediately notified in their timesheet.

How the Project Workflow brings value to your organization

project cost control

Better Cost Control

The Project Workflow ensures project managers and stakeholders know financial implication of each individual task. They can get the cost-to-complete from the project schedule and have it available in the costing sheet, ensuring projects stay on budget.

project risk readiness

Enhanced Risk Readiness

By letting the workflow dictate what to work on next, project managers are not left in the dark about the status of their projects and can be risk ready to mitigate any issues that may arise.

project delivery

Improved Delivery

With the Project Workflow, project-based companies are able to keep the projects progressing forward no matter what, while ensuring that constraints are acknowledged, and projects are delivered on time.

Download the Feature Brief: Project Workflow

Download the Project Workflow Feature Brief to learn more and discover what it can do for your company.

What you will learn:

  • What is the Project Workflow and its purpose
  • How does it work
  • Problems the Project Workflow solves
  • Use cases for the Project Workflow
  • How the Project Workflow will benefit your company

If you’re looking to keep your projects progressing forward no matter what, you need this brief.

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