Work Breakdown Structure

Manage and streamline every aspect of your project schedule

The Work Breakdown Structure in Adeaca Project Business Automation acts as the primary schedule against which all other activities and system operations are executed.

Work Breakdown Structure in a Generation 3 Project Business System

As part of Adeaca PBA, the WBS provides unique capabilities that go beyond other solutions on the market.

Generation 1 and 2 systems today use the WBS as both the financial and operational hierarchy of the project which causes a major project governance flaw.

Due to the true integration of a third-generation project business system, the WBS is integrated with all other project data on one platform and provides real-time visibility into the status of your projects. This allows you to make better decisions based on accurate, timely data.

Manage the Project Timeline Integrated With the Rest of Your Processes

Any change in the project schedule does not go unnoticed, but rather aligns the entire organization and provides company-wide visibility and transparency.

When the WBS is not integrated into the rest of your project processes and systems, it’s difficult to manage project workflow. The lack of a truly integrated project business system means any changes to the project schedule or timeline is often miscommunicated or not conveyed in a timely manner.



Eliminate standalone project management applications and the overhead needed to manage them.



The WBS enables you to leverage the project schedule to accurate build a labor budget, time-phase earned value estimates, and generate cash flow projections.



Adeaca PBA’s completely integrated business system allows you to report on schedule changes and the impact to the overall operations and financials of the company immediately.

How the Work Breakdown Structure Works

A work breakdown structure and planning engine integrated with the rest of your business processes

Adeaca PBA provides an advanced project scheduling engine on par with enterprise planning systems such as Microsoft Project and far exceeding the capabilities found in other online tools. The key advantage to Adeaca PBA scheduling is the direct real-time integration with project financials, accounting, resourcing, and supply chain.

  • Drag and drop
  • Capacity constraints and leveling
  • Milestone and deadline tracking
  • Gateway reviews
  • Critical path
  • Resourcing status
  • Supply chain status
  • Progress tracking

Easily assign resources across departments and entities

Whether you need to leverage resources for projects from different departments within the same company or across different companies, the WBS in Adeaca PBA gives you the power to efficiently find and apply those resources to your project.

  • Project resourcing and resource dispatch board
  • Skill and availability-based resource selection across departments and companies
  • Resource departments segregation
  • Integrated resource cost and billing groups
  • Loan requests, approvals, and loan change requests
  • Inter-company time, expense, and remaining work reporting

Manage big project work with precision and transparency

Managing complex projects with thousands of tasks is highly inefficient. As part of Adeaca PBA, the Project Breakdown Structure provides another level of operational management that allows planners and task owners to manage their parts of the project simultaneously and independently, enabling greater workflow manageability.

  • Planners/managers work on their parts of the project separately and concurrently
  • Instantly summarize work estimates, durations, milestones and deadlines
  • Parent and embedded schedules sync automatically
  • Constraints and schedule changes flow up and down the structure
  • Workflows are detailed enough for each title task owner yet manageable across the entire project
  • Creates clear areas of work responsibility

Apply the project timeline to MRP

As part of the WBS, the project timeline is directly applied to the MRP process for production orders, and automatically constrains the schedule based on procurement or production delays.

  • No more discovering a problem too late causing further delays and budget overruns
  • Determine if the project task is going to be completed early, on time, or late
  • Compare when you can expect to get the materials needed for the task to the original expected date

How the Work Breakdown Structure brings value to your organization

project cost control

Better Cost Control

The Work Breakdown Structure is integrated into the rest of the project systems and runs parallel to the Cost Breakdown Structure so you can better manage costs and conduct real-time financial analysis directly connected to the WBS, ultimately ensuring projects are delivered on time and on budget.

project risk readiness

Enhanced Risk Readiness

As part of Adeaca PBA, the Work Breakdown Structure enables you to identify, analyze, and respond to problems faster so you can mitigate risk more effectively through transparent and integrated schedule management.

project delivery

Improved Delivery

The Work Breakdown Structure can be constrained automatically based on procurement or production delays. You can assign the most efficient resource for the task, better plan your resource demand into the future, and discover costly bottlenecks or conflicts early, ensuring projects are delivered on time.

Download the Feature Brief: Work Breakdown Structure

Download the Work Breakdown Structure Feature Brief to learn more and discover what it can do for your company.

What you will learn:

  • What is the Work Breakdown Structure and its purpose
  • How does it work
  • Problems the Work Breakdown Structure solves
  • Use cases for the Work Breakdown Structure
  • How the Work Breakdown Structure will benefit your company

If you struggle to see how your project should progress and manage your workflow appropriately, you need this brief.

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