Resource Management

Optimize resources across your portfolio and drive efficiency across multiple entities

With Adeaca Resource Management, enterprises can efficiently navigate complex structures and staff projects for optimal performance and cost.

Streamline project staffing

Resources may be assigned to project work directly in the WBS (project manager) or via the resource dispatch board (resource managers). The resource dispatch board provides an easy overview of urgent resource requirements and allows resource managers the freedom to decide which and how many resources to assign based on availability and required skillsets while still maintaining the integrity of the project schedule as defined by the project planner.

In addition, the self-staffing framework enables project managers to publish unstaffed project work which can then be viewed and requested by individual resources.

Increase resource utilization by sharing across the enterprise

In enterprise settings, there can be multiple organizations with overlapping resource skills, all available at different times.

With Adeaca Resource Management you can segregate resources and projects into resource departments and configure loan rules to determine which departments may utilize resources from other departments or even legal entities. Human resources can be integrated directly from your HRM or talent management module.

  • Configure each project or portfolio to include different resource pools
  • Instant overview of active and pending loan requests
  • Capacity reservations and assignment notifications flow seamlessly between departments and legal entities

Project Business Automation Requirements Template

Project Business Requirements Document

The most comprehensive business system requirements document for project-based companies.

400+ criteria you can use immediately to evaluate any ERP/business system for its Project Business capabilities.

  • Create or supplement your own RFI or business requirements document
  • Set parameters and evaluate vendor demonstrations around the included features
  • Rethink your tools and systems strategy supported by tangible criteria

Any company in engineering and construction, ETO/contract manufacturing or professional services, exploring a new ERP, project/portfolio management, project accounting, project analytics or related system needs this template.

Leverage resources across departments and entities

Whether you need to leverage resources for projects from different departments within the same company or across different companies, Adeaca gives you the power to efficiently leverage those resources through a centrally managed resource sharing tool.

  • Project resourcing and resource dispatch board
  • Resource departments segregation
  • Integrated resource cost and billing groups
  • Inter-department & inter-company loan rules
  • Loan requests, approvals and loan change requests
  • Skill and availability-based resource selection across departments and companies
  • Inter-company workflow and issue tracking
  • Inter-company time, expense and remaining work reporting
Project staffing

Considering Microsoft Dynamics 365? Get the truth.

Whitepaper: Adeaca Project Business Automation vs Microsoft Dynamics 365 project management and accounting

Adeaca PBA runs on Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. We love Dynamics! As a project business, you may be considering the project management and accounting module native to Dynamics 365. Our approaches to project business are not the same. This whitepaper provides a comprehensive high-level comparison between the project functionality found natively in D365F&O and Adeaca PBA, so you can decide what makes the most sense for you.

Whitepaper - Adeaca PBA vs Dynamics 365

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