Issue and Risk Management in Project Business

Identify and Respond to Project Issues and Risk Faster

Detecting potential issues and risk early means the faster and most cost effectively you can respond.

Risk Management in Project Business Automation

As part of Adeaca PBA, risk management include unique capabilities that go beyond other solutions on the market. Due to its integrated nature, every part of every project is monitored so when a problem happens, you have the right information in time to act and mitigate the risk.

Whether it’s a slight budget overrun or early erosion of scheduled slack, these changes can be resolved by timely detection and intervention. Risk management in Adeaca PBA flags warning signs immediately and well before they significantly impact project performance.

Recognize Changing Conditions Easily and Instantly

When your business depends on the successful delivery of projects to your customers, it’s important to ensure nothing goes wrong. In project business, known and unknown risks threaten not only individual projects, but the overall business itself. Project issues and risks are tracked and managed in a variety of ways in Adeaca Project Business Automation. From the continuously updated RAIDO register to formal month-end and gateway review risk assessments to over 20 built in project health indicators, Adeaca PBA enables continuous tracking and reporting against project risks.

  • If profit margins start to slip – you know about it
  • If deadlines or milestones are missed – you know about it
  • If external constraints delay a project – you know about it

Are You Ready for Risk?

When it comes to projects, it’s not what you know, but when you know it that matters.

If you are “risk ready”, you can prevent issues that put your project success in jeopardy. And the key to being ready for risk is knowing what’s going on with your projects at all times.

Track and Monitor

Track and Monitor

Every part of every project including project financial and operational data is constantly monitored in real time.



Adeaca PBA automatically analyzes your project data, so you don’t have to do it manually.



Adeaca PBA presents actionable intelligence to the right people the instant a problem occurs so you can resolve it before it becomes a problem.

How Risk Management in Adeaca PBA Works

RAIDO management workspace provides knowledge at a glance

Manage milestones and deadlines to ensure timely delivery and early notification when project plans slide. Adeaca PBA provides an issue management overview so you can see current issues by project, by severity, by group, and by individual worker.

Track Risks, Issues, Assumptions, Dependancies, and Opportunities 

Adeaca PBA provides a complete RAIDO register that allows you to log and track RAIDO items against the work breakdown structure tasks. Issues are assigned to workers for resolution and are tagged with deadlines, severity codes and type classification for reporting purposes. A discussion log and revision control ensure issues are tightly tracked from creation to resolution.

Formal risk review process

As projects pass through schedule milestones, formal risk reviews can be configured. The resulting risk assessment is published in various project dashboards. The same goes for formal risk reviews that can be enforced during the month-end process along with mandatory checklists to enforce corporate project business governance.

Expected Monetary Value

All RAIDO entries are tracked in the costing sheet. The expected monetary value (EMV) and net exposure on your project is always known. The potential impact to your budget is clear.

When the time comes to realize those risks, you can easily track them as change orders or cost revisions on your budget.

How Risk Management in Adeaca PBA brings value to your organization

project cost control

Better Cost Control

Risk management in Adeaca PBA provides constant and automated monitoring, making sure that critical items are seen and dealt with by the appropriate people faster, lowering the costs of mitigation significantly.

project risk readiness

Enhanced Risk Readiness

In the world of projects, it’s not what you know, but when you know it that really matters. Adeaca PBA makes you “ready” for risk so you can prevent issues that put your project success in jeopardy.

project delivery

Improved Delivery

With Adeaca PBA, operational issues and delays are pinpointed earlier so corrective actions can be taken. As a result, more projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Download the Feature Brief: Risk Management in Adeaca PBA

Download the Risk Management Feature Brief to learn more and discover what it can do for your company.

What you will learn:

  • What is risk management in Adeaca PBA and its purpose
  • How does it work
  • Problems risk management in Adeaca PBA solves
  • Use cases for risk management in Adeaca PBA
  • How risk management in Adeaca PBA will benefit your company

If you need a way to stay ahead of project issues and risks so you can take timely action, you need this brief.

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