Adeaca is Changing the World of Project Business

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Find out how Adeaca is changing the world of project business

Project business is a $20 trillion economy

Project business impacts nearly every company on the planet, with trillions of dollars wasted every year in projects that are over budget or behind schedule. We are on a mission to revolutionize project business. Find out how.

This media kit is intended for journalists, influencers, analysts, and other media personnel who are interested in telling the story of project business. The media kit has more information about this story including:

  • The magnitude of challenges project business faces
  • The reasons why it has faced these issues for the last 30+ years
  • How the right point-of-view will change everything
  • What the real solution should be
  • What the potential impact is to these businesses and the economy at large

The media kit includes trusted sources to support the story as well as more information about Adeaca and its key personnel.

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