PBA Fit Assessment

Discover if Project Business Automation is right for your company

The PBA Fit Assessment is designed to evaluate your company as a candidate for Project Business Automation and show you where PBA will add value to your business.

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The PBA Fit Assessment Process

We have designed a simple process to help you find out if PBA will work for your company and discover where PBA can add value to your business.


Step 1

Fill out the company profile. This will allow us to make our initial automated recommendations to you.


Step 2
Initial Results

Get a quick Yes, No, Maybe answer based on your company profile if PBA is a good fit for you.


Step 3
Value Identification

If PBA looks like a good fit, you will rank the key challenges in your project business that PBA will address for you.


Step 4

You will be given the option to schedule a 1-on-1 session with an Adeaca consultant to discuss your business profile and learn in greater detail how PBA will address your challenges.

The survey only takes a few minutes and by going through this process, you are ensured to learn in detail how PBA can solve your most difficult project business problems. The process is free and there is no obligation. Get started below.

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*If you are a consultant filling this out for a client, please use your client's company profile information.