Changing the World of Project Business

Silos of applications and data make it impossible to manage project-driven business efficiently and effectively.

Adeaca brings it all together in the first project business system.

One system | One source of truth | Full control

Transforming the $20 trillion project economy one business at a time

Project-oriented business impacts nearly every company on the planet, with trillions of dollars wasted every year on poor project business management. Adeaca is on a mission to revolutionize project business with the first Project Business System.

  • Project business is a $20 trillion economy.
  • Yet, 91.5% of projects finish over budget or behind schedule.
  • A lack of business systems and a fragmented landscape of applications perpetuate the problem.
  • Changing your point of view is the key to the solution.
  • The potential impact of this transformation is significant for your company and project businesses everywhere.

Project Business Leaders: unleash the potential in your organization

Fix the silos of people, applications, and data and go from

project business future state

Here’s what that means to your business:

real-time information

Make business decisions with dynamic, real-time information instead of stale reports

process automation

Reshape processes and teams to work better together

project risk management

Manage risk more effectively to reduce overruns and delays

resource management

Optimize utilization of revenue producing resources

increase capacity

Maximize capacity for project work

reduce burden

Reduce the administrative burden on your team

Project Business Automation from Adeaca

A complete project business system for the modern enterprise

Learn more about the capabilities that are part of Adeaca's single PBA solution.

The Quick Guide to Project Business Automation

A high-level guide to the business system for project-driven enterprises

This Quick Guide to Project Business Automation will help you understand the PBA solution and how it applies to your business. What you will learn:

  • What is Project Business Automation?
  • Who is PBA for?
  • What problem does PBA solve and why is it needed?
  • What are the core elements of PBA, including overviews of core capabilities?
  • What are the key benefits of PBA?

If a crucial part of your business is about running projects successfully, you need this guide.

Project Businesses Leaders Choose PBA

We help our clients simplify the complex world of project business in any industry

Aerospace & Defense

Defense contractor, Northrop Grumman needed to streamline its project business processes in its international subsidiaries while ensuring accurate and timely data flow to US management.

Specialty Construction

APi Group, a $6B specialty contractor construction firm, uses Adeaca PBA to standardize business processes across its portfolio of subsidiaries, providing real-time insights to executives to help make better, more timely decisions.

Biotech / Pharma

Arranta Bio is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) specializing in new therapies for diseases linked to the human microbiome. Arranta Bio needed to integrate more project capabilities into their business system, including project cost management, resource management, and real-time project insight.

Manufacturing & Construction

Z Modular is a project-driven, one-stop shop for modular buildings and services that utilizes a self-bracing structural system that enables more factory completion than other modular construction system. Z Modular needed a fully integrated business system to control costs and ensure delivery to its customers.

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PBA Quick Guide

PBA Quick Guide

This Quick Guide to Project Business Automation gives you a high-level overview of PBA and how it can be applied to your project-driven business.


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Quickly find out if Project Business Automation will work for your company. Based on your company's profile, we will share how PBA will solve your problems and bring value to your business.

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