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Project Business Automation offers a completely new approach to business systems for project-driven organizations

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Valuable Project Business Resources

Most Project Businesses are not even aware that a solution like Project Business Automation exists. Therefore, it is important that you familiarize yourself with PBA and understand if the capabilities will benefit your company.

The Project Business Automation Blueprint

Download the Project Business Automation Blueprint to get a thorough definition of PBA as a category of business systems and why it makes sense for project-driven organizations.

Project Business Requirements Template

400+ criteria you can use to evaluate any business system for its Project Business capabilities

PBA Fit Assessment

Is PBA right for your company? Take this assessment to find out. Learn more about PBA and how it can be applied to your project business. 

Project Business Automation from Adeaca

A complete project business system for the modern enterprise

Learn more about the capabilities that are part of Adeaca's single PBA solution.

Watch the On-Demand Webcast

Project Business Automation: What is it and how can it help my business?

Discover PBA. This webcast will introduce you to PBA as a new category of software systems for project-driven business.

What you will learn:

  • What is Project Business Automation?
  • What types of companies or business units is it for?
  • What are the core parts of PBA?
  • What is the business value of PBA?

Is PBA right for your company?

Take the PBA Fit Assessment

PBA is a comprehensive business system designed to support project business processes and data. 

We designed the PBA Fit Assessment to help you discover quickly if PBA is a good fit for your company.

By going through this quick assessment, you will learn how PBA can solve your most difficult project business problems. It is free and there is no obligation.

Whitepaper: Project Modeling - Revolutionize How Projects are Built

Discover Project Modeling and how it can impact your project business.

Download this whitepaper to learn how Project Modeling can create a streamlined and controlled planning and estimating process for your company. Learn how you can scale and automate best practices. 

Integrate PBA with your ERP

Streamline and accelerate business processes. Make better decisions faster.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Adeaca PBA is built on D365. For D365 Finance customers, seamlessly connect PBA to the rest of your business so eveyrthing works together. 



Bring critical project information into your SAP ERP. Instant access to project costs, revenues, delivery, analysis and more. Get enterprise security and a modern interface with our Dynamics 365 platform.



Send and receive critical project costs, revenues, delivery, analysis and more. Get enterprise security and a modern interface with our Dynamics 365 platform.

Learn more about how PBA can integrate with your business system.

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PBA Quick Guide

PBA Quick Guide

This Quick Guide to Project Business Automation gives you a high-level overview of PBA and how it can be applied to your project-driven business.


PBA Fit Assessment

Quickly find out if Project Business Automation will work for your company. Based on your company's profile, we will share how PBA will solve your problems and bring value to your business.

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