The Project Business Automation Blueprint

The Definitive Guide to a new category of business systems for project-based companies

This Blueprint describes how Project Business Automation creates one, end-to-end business system for project-driven companies. If you are in architecture, engineering and construction, ETO/contract manufacturing or professional services, you need this Blueprint.

Download the PBA Blueprint

Project Business Automation is a new category of software systems for project-based companies now recognized by Forrester as the next paradigm-shifting solution. PBA is designed as a core business system for these industries and more:

  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction
  • ETO/Contract Manufacturing
  • Professional Services
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Energy & Utilities

The PBA Blueprint presents a comprehensive case for Project Business Automation. It includes details that outline what it is, how it works, and why it is needed in the market.

What’s include in the PBA Blueprint:

  • Project Business definition
  • The problem PBA solves and why it is needed
  • Core elements of PBA and how they work
  • How you can enhance PBA for your company (the greater PBA ecosystem)
  • The business case for PBA and benefits for each stakeholder
  • What PBA means for the future of Project Business

PBA promises to transform Project Business across the globe. Get the facts and understand how you can leverage this technology for your company.

Download the PBA Blueprint now!