Project Portfolio Management Software

Manage your entire project portfolio in one system

From initiation to close and beyond, we've got you covered. Gain the portfolio insight you need to manage your business front to back.

Whether you are AEC, ETO, PSO or another project-based company, you can run your organization from end-to-end with Project Business Automation from Adeaca and Microsoft. Adeaca PBA™ is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, giving you an enterprise ERP tailored for project-based companies out of the box.

The Project Business Automation Blueprint

Whitepaper - Adeaca PBA vs Dynamics 365

The Definitive Guide to a creating a comprehensive business system for project-based companies

What you will learn:

  • The problem PBA solves and why it is needed
  • Core elements of PBA and how they work
  • How you can enhance PBA for your company
  • The business case for PBA
  • What PBA means for the future of Project Business

If you are in architecture, engineering and construction, ETO/contract manufacturing or professional services, you need this Blueprint.

Project Financials and Accounting

Real-Time Financial Insight into Your Projects. CBS, Budget Management, Project Costing, Earned Value (EVA), Subcontracts.

What if you could instantly see the financial impact of operational issues in your projects? You can with Adeaca Project Business Automation™ (PBA).

Adeaca PBA™ Project Financials is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, giving you an enterprise ERP tailored for project-based companies out of the box.

Operational Project Management

Manage all your projects with Project Business Automation, no other tools required. WBS planning, Gantt, Critical Path, Risk Management, Staffing/Resource Optimization

With complete operational project management built right into the Microsoft ERP, Adeaca Project Business Automation™ (PBA) helps you achieve better process control and reliable timely performance data.

Adeaca PBA™ Project Operations is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, giving you an enterprise ERP tailored for project-based companies out of the box.

Resource Management

Optimize resources across your portfolio and drive efficiency across multiple entities

With Adeaca Resource Management, enterprises can efficiently navigate complex structures and staff projects for optimal performance and cost.

Project Insight and Analytics

CxOs and Executives Need Real-Time Business Insight to Make the Right Decisions. Project Performance, Trends, Benchmarks, KPI, Sensor Points™

Cloud ERP for Project Business – Project Insight and Business Intelligence

Adeaca Project Business Automation™ (PBA) brings leaders of project-driven companies the real-time insight they need to transform their companies into high-performing enterprises in their industry. 

Adeaca PBA™ Project Insight is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, giving you an enterprise ERP tailored for project-based companies out of the box.

Earned Value Analysis in Real Time

Implement Earned Value Management (EVM) on one platform with Project Business Automation from Adeaca.

With Adeaca EVA, project-based enterprises can manage the schedule and costs of their projects together in real time, with complete visibility and control over how they recognize value and revenue.

Project Owner Collaboration

Enhance your partnership with your customers through a real-time collaboration portal. Access to Schedule Details, Change Orders, Log and Track Issues in the cloud.

Project owners want more information. This is how you give it to them. Share in real-time to build trust and promote project owner buy-in. All part of ADEACA Project Business Automation™ (PBA).

ADEACA PBA™ Project Owner Collaboration is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, giving you an enterprise ERP tailored for project-based companies out of the box.

Product Lifecycle Management

Adeaca PBA + Bluestar PLM gives ETO / contract manufacturers a single integrated collaborative environment for product data and documents

Adeaca PBA + Bluestar PLM is built right into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, connecting users from sales, engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, and projects on a single platform.

Achieve Digital Transformation with Adeaca PBA™

Bring project financials and operations to the center of your company with Project Business Automation to reduce waste and drive productivity.

  • Systematize proven processes so every part of your organization is aligned
  • Address your entire project-based business, not just one of the silos
  • Instantly understand the state of your business with real-time intelligence

Considering Microsoft Dynamics 365? Get the truth.

Whitepaper: Adeaca Project Business Automation vs Microsoft Dynamics 365 project management and accounting

Adeaca PBA runs on Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. We love Dynamics! As a project business, you may be considering the project management and accounting module native to Dynamics 365. Our approaches to project business are not the same. This whitepaper provides a comprehensive high-level comparison between the project functionality found natively in D365F&O and Adeaca PBA, so you can decide what makes the most sense for you.

Whitepaper - Adeaca PBA vs Dynamics 365

Adeaca PBA™ - Success Stories

Leaders in Project Industries choose Project Business Automation. Read their stories here.

Northrop Grumman needed to streamline its project processes in its international subsidiaries while ensuring accurate and timely data flow to US management.

APi Group, a specialty contractor construction firm, uses ADEACA to standardize business processes across its portfolio of subsidiaries, providing real-time insights to executives to help make better, more timely decisions.

Rex Moore Electrical integrates its entire project business

Rex Moore is a commercial electrical contractor that does engineering and design, installation and service. In this video, hear from Jeremy Grosser, Head of IT for Rex Moore and how he fulfilled a vision to integrate disparate applications into one business system with Adeaca. Some of the results for Rex Moore include:

  • Replaced 15 different applications with 1 comprehensive system and eliminated the costs and inefficiencies associated with them
  • Executives now have instant access to critical business information
  • Increased collaboration dramatically with the one platform approach
  • Proactively manage resource requirements for customer projects

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