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Project Business Automation

Project Management, Financials & Analytics unified into one system

The next generation business system for project-driven companies is here. Automate and optimize your project business by moving your entire organization into a single cloud solution.

ETO Needs Project Business Automation

As a project-driven industry, all ETO Manufacturers suffer from massive inefficiencies that arise from siloed operations, systems and data. Disconnected processes and poor visibility into project performance results in inflated costs and stagnant productivity.

To increase productivity, the ETO industry must integrate processes and systems to streamline efficiencies and align operations. The disciplines of project management, project financials, project analytics and business administration must work seamlessly together. 

Project Business Automation seamlessly synthesizes these functions into your ERP and automates connections and processes across all project disciplines:

  • One end-to-end system to run your entire ETO business
  • Real-time insight on all ETO projects
  • Aligned and automated processes ensure your resources are on track
  • Enforced policies & procedures that ensure compliance

ADEACA ONE Project Business Automation consolidates your project business on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud, significantly enhancing ETO business productivity.

Free Assessment: Discover Ways to Optimize Core Elements of Your Business

How to deliver more projects on time and on budget. Actionable insights to improve your project-based business.

Microsoft and ADEACA have teamed up with the aim to optimize your project business processes, systems and intelligence data.

Key deliverables:

  • Business process heatmap based on importance and complexity
  • Automation landscape diagram highlighting automation opportunities
  • KPI analysis with new metrics for greater insight

Meet ADEACA ONE Project Business Automation
on the Microsoft Cloud

A platform for how project companies should operate.

Optimize your project financials and operations together. Make real-time, data-driven decisions for your company.

ADEACA ONE - No. 1 in Project Business Automation

No.1 in Project Business Automation
Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365

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