Product Lifecycle Management

Adeaca PBA + Bluestar PLM gives ETO / contract manufacturers a single integrated collaborative environment for product data and documents

Adeaca PBA + Bluestar PLM is built right into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, connecting users from sales, engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, and projects on a single platform.

Embedded PLM

Merging ERP and PLM into a single collaborative solution enables ETO manufacturers to collaborate around a single set of product data across departments, locations, suppliers and customers. Since ADEACA PBA + Bluestar PLM is built right into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations ERP, it integrates sales, engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, and projects in a single platform.

CAD integration

ADEACA PBA + Bluestar PLM enables CAD users to seamlessly share design data and documents with downstream ERP users who depend on it for purchasing, manufacturing and related activities. In return, CAD users are granted access to indispensable transactional data from Dynamics such as prices, on-hand quantities and lead times, so that price awareness and other logistical considerations are easily incorporated into product designs.

This bidirectional exchange of information rids the organization of redundant data entry and fragmented information, raises data integrity and integrates the design department with the rest of the organization for improved collaboration and increased productivity.

Engineering Change Management

ADEACA PBA + Bluestar PLM enables users to promote engineering changes through the entire change cycle all the way from request through the actual implementation of the change in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations production system. Thanks to its integration with both ERP and CAD environments, it provides complete transparency in the cost and logistic feasibility of engineering changes while securing that engineering documentation is always up-to-date.


When CAD and ERP users work independently in detached systems – Errors will occur – because of unsynchronized data between Engineering and Operations. Due to human error, it is likely that inaccurate and redundant data will be used within the system, leading to costly errors, collaboration complications, valuable time spend double-checking data and fixing-errors.

2D & 3D Configuration/Variant Management

Generate 3D Models based on your configurations. Easily manage product variants. Dynamics 365 based product configuration platform that lets you manage the entire configuration process from quotation through engineering and manufacturing in a single system.

Integrated Sales and Engineering Configuration

ADEACA PBA + Bluestar PLM provides a project-driven, product-based configuration platform that lets you manage the entire configuration process from quotation through engineering and production in a single system. As a result, you can eliminate redundant configuration efforts, achieve fast quotations, and automatically generate related CAD documentation.

Considering Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations? 

Download the Whitepaper: Dynamics 365 Project Operations and Project Business Automation

For your project-driven business on Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, you may consider the new offering from Microsoft called Project Operations. But what is Project Operations, who is it for, and what exactly are you getting? Find out in this whitepaper.

In this document, we explore the best types of industries and businesses that should find value in Project Operations and those that will need something more. We provide a high-level comparison between the functionality found in Dynamics 365 and Adeaca PBA, so you can decide what makes the most sense for you.

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