We solve common problems across all project industries

Point-solutions are great at solving specific industry challenges, but only PBA addresses the need for standardized, integrated and automated project business processes built into your ERP.

You are running a project business after all.

What industry best describes your company?

Select below to learn more about how Adeaca can solve your Project Business problems.

Construction & Engineering (AEC/CEC)

Complete process integration, real-time insight, and better outcomes for your construction customers.

Adeaca PBA for construction and engineering firms ensures comprehensive governance over your processes and real-time visibility across projects and portfolios. Real-time detection of issues and complete process control gives you the tools to manage your business from end-to-end.

ETO, Project/Contract Manufacturing

From engineering to manufacturing to managing the project lifecycle and everything in between, we've got you covered.

We deliver integrated financial and operational solutions that drive business excellence for ETO and contract manufacturers.

Professional Services

Project Financials, Operations and ERP unified into one enterprise wide solution.

Deliver value from executives to project managers to your end client. Every stakeholder is aligned and working together. 

Specialty Construction Contractors

Specialty contractors are covered, from project initiation to close and beyond. Result: Real-time Insight, Lower Risk, Better Outcomes.

From managing projects and financials to collaborating with general contractors, your specialty contracting business is covered end-to-end.

Architecture, Engineering & Environmental Services

A complete solution for AE&E services companies

Architecture and engineering services require significant resources and planning. You need a one business solution that supports you as you design, deploy and manage your projects from bid to cash and beyond.

Energy and Utilities

Design and install systems for oil, gas, solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, or ethanol on one platform.

Energy sector projects are growing in size and complexity. From managing these projects and their financials to collaborating with contractors and project owners, we cover your business end-to-end.  

Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

From big machines to parts and installation, manage your entire IEM business in one cloud platform.

Adeaca delivers all-in-one business systems to help you enhance your industrial equipment manufacturing strategy, including product and project lifecycle management.

Renewable Energy

A sustainable business system for your sustainable business.

Integrate everything, from solar inverter supply chains to the installation of a new wind turbine. It all runs on one platform in real time.

Infrastructure Construction

Bridges, roads, airports, pipelines - whatever infrastructure you build. We can help.

Manage your business from engineering to procurement to construction and maintenance on one platform.

Aerospace and Defense

Control projects through long product lifecycles where market volatility, globalization and shrinking budgets come into play.

Engineering and manufacturing in the aerospace and defense industry requires managing a business through complexity, shifting regulations and constrained resources. You need one platform to keep you covered from end-to-end. 

General Contracting

A complete solution for general contractors

Make critical information available in real time to multiple stakeholders, in multiple locations for a variety of reasons and uses.

Consulting Services

For consulting companies with complex engagements that need sophisticated project and portfolio business management.

All-in-one business management cloud solutions for complex consulting businesses. Manage your engagements on one cloud platform. From start to finish, we've got you covered.

How would Project Business Automation work for my company and industry? 

Discover the benefits Project Business Automation provides to your Project Industry below.

We segment project companies and industries in this way to highlight the similar business challenges you face. You may find your company fits into more than one category, which means even more benefits may be derived for your company.

Build Onsite

Covers building or infrastructure construction that takes place on location for a client.

Traditional Onsite Project Industries:

  • Commercial/industrial construction
  • Specialty contractors
  • Energy infrastructure
  • Telecommunication infrastructure
  • EPCI

Produce In-house

Encompasses engineered or configured to order products or R&D programs that take place in your facility.

Traditional In-house Project Industries:

  • Engineer-to-Order Manufacturing
  • Industrial Equipment & Machinery
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive R&D
  • Pharmaceuticals R&D
  • Shipbuilding

Knowledge Service

Encompasses companies providing expert/specialty services.

Traditional Knowledge Project Industries:

  • Professional Services
  • Architecture, Engineering & Environmental Services
  • Management Consulting
  • IT-Services