Case Study: Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ADEACA PBA™ for ETO Manufacturing

ADEACA Project Business Automation™ (PBA)

QIOPTIQ Standardizes, Integrates, Automates Project Business Processes with ADEACA PBA™, for Real-time Insight, Lower Risk, Better Outcomes

QIOPTIQ Optimizes finances and operations with Project Business Automation, learn how Qioptiq is transforming its operational efficiency with ADEACA PBA.

Executive Summary

As a high-end optomechanical manufacturer serving a wide range of industries, including defense and aerospace businesses, project-driven Qioptiq needed fundamentally different information to manage and optimize operations than it could retrieve from a generic ERP system. It is important for Qioptiq to have real-time information on its programs as well as the ability to link programs through to procurement and manufacturing.

Qioptiq needed to go lean. It needed a fully integrated system for running project-based programs and the production side of the business. ADEACA Project Business Automation checked all the boxes.

Read the case study below to learn how:

  • ADEACA enabled Qioptiq to organize its entire business
  • Real-time information sped up operations and reporting exponentially for Qioptiq
  • Qioptiq is making better and faster decisions than before


No centralized view into the Qioptiq's project portfolio existed. Everything was in silos and run on individual programs. There was no holistic status of all the programs in real time, which caused widespread inefficiencies across the company.

“There was no direct linkage at all. It was completely separate, and you had to manually load demands on an individual basis,” said David Wootton, quality manager for Qioptiq. “All the cost collection and analysis was manual, meaning basically taking downloads of costs booked and then having to analyze those offline for your project. But you could only do it on a monthly basis. We found that we were running the company on who knows how many different platforms that didn’t really talk to each other.”

“We’re constantly under lead-time pressure,” Wootton said. “Customers are demanding more and more, quicker and quicker."

"Having real-time information is invaluable in making the right decision and the right call at the right time.”

Therefore, it is important for Qioptiq to have real-time information on its programs as well as the ability to link programs through to procurement and manufacturing to determine how those programs are affecting the company’s ability to deliver on its projects.

Prior to ADEACA, Qioptiq had been running Microsoft Project or Excel-based project Gantt charts for program planning, as well as the company’s legacy manufacturing system for cost collection.

Project Business Automation Solution

Qioptiq decided to invest in a new ERP system and selected Dynamics AX. However, Dynamics AX alone didn’t offer the timely insight into its projects the company needed to operate efficiently.

“We then looked at what other options were out there,” Wootton said. “We looked at [Microsoft] Project and [Microsoft] Project Server because that interfaced to AX. But again, that was having a completely separate system and just moving stuff backward and forward, which we didn’t like."

"What we wanted was one solution for the programs and operational side of the business."

"We wanted a one-solution-fits-all – a fully integrated system for running project-based programs and the production side of the business. We wanted one single solution rather than working in silos.”

For Qioptiq it was being “slicker and quicker” about things, being more aware, and more proactive in what the company was doing. The only way to become a leaner business meant moving the entire organization onto one common business system.

The Results

ADEACA extended Qioptiq’s Dynamics system and turned it into a project business automation solution. With ADEACA, Qioptiq’s program managers can run reports in realtime, rather than having to wait for finance to crunch all the numbers. It sped up operations and reporting exponentially.

“It put everything in one place,” Wootton said. “The messages are consistent, so procurement is getting the same procurement message, whether it was coming from a project or production. We aren’t running multiple systems to achieve the same outcomes.”

ADEACA enabled Qioptiq to gain real-time insight into its project portfolio, so it could make faster decisions with better data.

As the system provided a set of built-in business processes, the structure allowed Qioptiq to optimize business operations automatically and realize vast improvements in speed and reliability throughout its organizational output.

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