Move to the Cloud with Project Business Automation

Simplify Your IT Landscape

It is time to retire all your standalone project applications and move to Project Business Automation, the next-generation system for project business. 

Project Business Automation Simplifies Your Move to the Cloud

Managing Disparate Project Applications Wastes Precious Resources

PBA enables project-based companies to move their workloads to the cloud faster and more easily. Since most project-based companies today deal with several major applications to conduct their business, it is difficult for them to move their systems to the cloud to take advantage of its many benefits, including lower costs, reduced IT footprint, better uptime & scalability, and a simplified operating environment.

ADEACA PBA, available as a SaaS application, consolidates all these applications into one system to make the move to the cloud much easier. You can retire many standalone applications at once.

  • One end-to-end solution so you only manage one system
  • Real-time insight for you, project managers and executives 
  • Align & automate processes so you don't have to maintain interfaces between applications
  • Enforce policies and procedures easily because they are built into the system

Stop managing tools and start managing your project business with Project Business Automation from ADEACA.

Move Your Project Business to the Cloud with
Project Business Automation

Project Business Automation

Manage the platform along with the rest of the Microsoft 365 application suite, including Office, from a single interface.
Per user/month (USD)*

*Includes Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Cloud ERP - Minimum subscription is 250 users. Does not include implementation, please ask for quote. Assumes 20% full users and 80% team member users, contact us for details and pricing in other currencies.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations - Take control of your entire business with this comprehensive and extensible cloud ERP platform.

Project Operations – Bring planning, resourcing, scheduling and the full execution of projects inside the ERP, replacing standalone project management tools.

Project Financials – From quote to cash, providing project accounting, costing, budgeting, change management and financial projections fully aligned with project operations.

Project Insight – Gain unprecedented visibility and insight with real-time project and portfolio analytics that supersede the need for any BI tool.

No.1 in Project Business Automation
Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise ERP

ADEACA ONE Project Business Automation Overview

Eliminate standalone project management applications and the overhead needed to manage them.

  • Bring project financials and operations to the center of your company to reduce waste and drive productivity
  • Systematize proven processes so every part of your organization is aligned
  • Address your entire project-based business, not just one of the silos
  • Instantly understand the state of your business with real-time intelligence

How many applications do you manage?

If these silos and application menagerie look familiar to you, consider Project Business Automation for your company.

Project Operations

Project Financials

ERP Business Administration

Move to Project Business Automation and break down the organizational silos that hold you back.

Recapture the precious resources wasted by maintaining these siloed applications.

Top 5 Reasons to Consider Project Business Automation

Download this eBook on the topic of Project Business Automation and the top 5 reasons you should consider moving your organization to PBA. Find out why leaders like you in other organizations have moved to PBA.

Project Business Automation Success Stories

Leaders in Project Industries choose Project Business Automation. Read their stories here.

Northrop Grumman needed to streamline its project processes in its international subsidiaries while ensuring accurate and timely data flow to US management. Project Business Automation gave their smaller entities the systemized project governance they needed.

KPMG Switzerland lacked real-time insight into project performance, which put the company at risk. It searched the market for one integrated solution that could deliver financial, human resource and project management together. ADEACA became KPMG's partner in project business, providing the holsitic system they were looking for.

APi Group, a pecialty contractor construction firm, uses ADEACA to standardize business processes across its portfolio of subsidiaries, providing real-time insights to executives to help make better, more timely decisions.

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