Microsoft Dynamics AX Project Module - Advanced Projects®

Advanced Projects® for Dynamics AX

All you need to run your project business inside Dynamics AX.

Whether you are AEC, ETO, PSO or another project-based company, you can run your organization from end-to-end with Advanced Projects from ADEACA and Microsoft.

Integrate Your Project Business with
Project Business Automation™

Move Beyond Spreadsheets and Standalone Project Management Tools 

ADEACA's Advanced Projects' Project Business Automation (PBA) unifies all aspects of your projects and your business. Project and portfolio financials and analytics, project planning and scheduling, and even project-owner collaboration are seamlessly integrated into one comprehensive business system (Dynamics AX 2012R3), so everything and everyone works together. You can eliminate several standalone applications and what you get is unprecedented visibility and control.

  • One end-to-end system to run the entire business
  • Real-time insight on project and company performance
  • Aligned & automated processes for substantial efficiency gains ensuring that everyone is on track
  • Enforced policies and procedures with built-in governance mechanisms

The Project Business Automation Blueprint

Whitepaper - Adeaca PBA vs Dynamics 365

The Definitive Guide to a creating a comprehensive business system for project-based companies

What you will learn:

  • The problem PBA solves and why it is needed
  • Core elements of PBA and how they work
  • How you can enhance PBA for your company
  • The business case for PBA
  • What PBA means for the future of Project Business

If you are in architecture, engineering and construction, ETO/contract manufacturing or professional services, you need this Blueprint.

 Advanced Projects™ Delivers the Core Components of Your Project-Driven Company 

project financial management

Project Financial Management – Enhance project and portfolio cost management with cost breakdown structures, estimate at completion, earned value management, change management and cash-flow projections fully aligned with project operations.

project management

Project Operations – Fully integrate operational project management inside your ERP. As a result, your project plan and financials are always aligned.

project analytics insight

Project Insight – Real-time project and portfolio analytics made possible with Project Business Automation supersede the need for any BI tool. ADEACA PBA's Project Insight brings leaders of project-driven companies the real-time insight they need to make informed decisions on a daily basis.

Considering Microsoft Dynamics 365? Get the truth.

Whitepaper: Adeaca Project Business Automation vs Microsoft Dynamics 365 project management and accounting

Adeaca PBA runs on Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. We love Dynamics! As a project business, you may be considering the project management and accounting module native to Dynamics 365. Our approaches to project business are not the same. This whitepaper provides a comprehensive high-level comparison between the project functionality found natively in D365F&O and Adeaca PBA, so you can decide what makes the most sense for you.

Whitepaper - Adeaca PBA vs Dynamics 365

Integrate your project business with Advanced Projects® and Project Business Automation™

Whether you are AEC, ETO manufacturing, professional services or other project-based company, you can run your organization from end-to-end with Project Business Automation in Advanced Projects® from ADEACA. 

Advanced Projects® will help you to:

  • Establish a common framework to unify project driven business operations
  • Enhance visibility into global operations for more consistent results
  • Optimize manpower and equipment and increase utilization
  • Facilitate collaboration across organizations and with vendors and suppliers
  • Create consistency in your project bidding and quoting processes
  • Accurately predict budget variance and financial performance of your

ADEACA's Advanced Projects® is built on top of Microsoft's premier ERP platform Dynamics AX. The best of both worlds.

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certified

Advanced Projects® is certified for Microsoft Dynamics AX (2012), which signifies that the solution has met Microsoft’s highest standard for partner-developed software.

Advanced Projects® meets the demands Microsoft sets for project-driven industries. Microsoft has certified that this solution:

  • Has been tested rigorously for compatibility
  • Meets the highest quality standards
  • Is used successfully by major customers in your industry

Feel confident your investment is protected with Microsoft and ADEACA.

Project business leaders choose ADEACA

Our clients share one vision for a unified project business. Read their stories.

Northrop Grumman needed to streamline its project processes in its international subsidiaries while ensuring accurate and timely data flow to US management.

APi Group, a specialty contractor construction firm, uses ADEACA to standardize business processes across its portfolio of subsidiaries, providing real-time insights to executives to help make better, more timely decisions.

From Point Solutions to Project Business Automation

Standardize, integrate, automate project business processes with ADEACA Advanced Projects® + Microsoft Dynamics AX

Real-time insight, lower risk, better outcomes

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