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Together with Microsoft, we deliver integrated financial and operational solutions that drive business excellence for project-based companies. Built on top of Microsoft's premier cloud ERP platform Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.


Every day, aerospace and defense (A&D) contractors in the manufacturing industry must identify, consider, and respond to any number of new challenges

Changes in the industry, including market volatility, globalization, and shrinking budgets, as well as project-driven manufacturing and long product lifecycles, make it particularly difficult for A&D manufacturing contractors to meet their goals and prepare for the future. 

A&D contractors are constantly being confronted with more competition as well as increasingly stringent compliance requirements, such as applying the principles of earned-value management, to show that they can deliver projects on time and within budget. For those reasons companies in the aerospace and defense industry are continuously looking for ways to operate more efficiently and improve value while still keeping costs under control.

Project based

But that’s not easy to do in light of the complexity of their projects and the many new regulatory requirements. Add to that the difficulty in finding and acting on new opportunities, and the project management challenges facing A&D manufacturing contractors become even more daunting.

These extremely complex projects demand better collaboration and enhanced decision-making. That’s why A&D manufacturing contractors have to be able to organize and execute these projects, manage costs and resources and show earned-value compliance


To become more agile and more competitive, A&D contractors must control costs, ensure they have the right resources in place, enhance program management practices, manage customer relationships and standardize critical information across the enterprise.
To adapt to the challenges of the industry, aerospace and defense contractors have to improve key business intelligence, link customers and suppliers, improve performance at every level of a project, decrease complexity and connect global operations.

In addition, A&D contractors need real-time visibility into their operations so they can easily share pertinent information within project teams and make updates on the fly.

Project ERP

Aerospace and defense manufacturing contractors need a totally integrated Project ERP system designed for construction so they can efficiently manage their operations, manage risk, and remain competitive. They need a Project ERP solution that they can easily adopt for managing projects of all sizes and one that adapts to the specific complexities of each project.

They need a system that scales to meet the needs of everyone in their organizations as well as their project teams, including the numerous subcontractors they rely on for their complex projects.

As the A&D industry continues to increase the speed by which it operates and aerospace and defense manufacturing contractors fight harder for each project, enterprise resource planning systems have become critical components for everyday business. Project ERP systems allow A&D contractors to make critical information available to multiple people, in multiple locations for a variety of reasons and uses.


ADEACA’s Project ERP solution is a complete project management software solution that’s designed specifically to meet the needs of aerospace and defense manufacturing contractors. ADEACA’s Project ERP can help A&D manufacturing contractors quickly gather project data so they can predict best-case scenarios and worst-case scenarios and ultimately mitigate risk

By taking advantage of the applications’ robust what-if analytics, A&D contractors can anticipate potential problems and make necessary decisions when actual risk is low.

Project ERP from ADEACA helps manufacturing contractors in the aerospace and defense industry understand and control their contracts. It also provides a seamless integration between their accounting data and the delivery operations in the field.

With ADEACA’s Project ERP solution, A&D manufacturing contractors can:

  • Plan and manage resources to project requirements
  • Deliver and manage projects on time and on budget
  • Track materials and equipment
  • Manage operations and resources
  • Track the progress and profitability of a any project they’re working on
  • Enable close collaboration between their people, no matter where in the world they are based
  • Effectively manage time, costs, resources, and changes in a single solution

A one-size-fits-all ERP just doesn’t work for project-based businesses like aerospace and defense manufacturing contractors. In fact, implementing a generic enterprise ERP system could even hinder productivity and profitability.

ADEACA’s Project ERP, on the other hand, can help aerospace and defense manufacturing contractors effectively manage and deliver their projects, achieve better results and grow their businesses
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