Project Business Automation Implementation

The final step in your journey to PBA is to thoroughly assess and define the deliverables and outline the implementation plan.

The goal of Step 3 is to ensure your adoption of PBA goes as smoothly as possible and activates the features and benefits you are expecting so you start to realize value immediately.

1. Assessment

Adeaca will provide an assessment of your business, usually lasting 1 to 2 weeks and resulting in clear deliverables.
This is where the Solution Architecture begins.

Outline Deployment

  • Outline phases and high-level approach to implementation

Define Scope

  • PBA capabilities to be implemented in each phase
  • Interfaces to external applications

Establish Key Parameters

  • Key business process and complexity levels
  • Configuration requirements
  • Data migration scope and volume
  • System user types and number

Assessment Deliverables

  • Functional scope sheet
  • Statement of work (SOW)
  • Detailed implementation budget estimates
  • Implementation project plan
  • Software pricing

2. Contracting

After the assessment, we will have all the necessary documentation to clearly define contract terms, including final costs and timelines.

3. Implementation

Adeaca will lead your PBA implementation, keeping all stakeholders updated on progress and milestone achievement. Developing clear expectations and plans for adoption are key to managing the change and ensuring your users utilize PBA to its fullest extent to extract the most value from it.

Implementation Phases

Survey & Setup

User Enablement


Configure & Develop

Accept & Deploy

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