Microsoft Dynamics 365 System Implementation for Project-Based Companies

Expert Project Business System Implementation

Once we architect the perfect Project Business Automation solution for your company, we are in the best position to ensure a successful implementation.

Project Business Methodology

We know project business.

Our expert team delivers your system with a focus on project-centric best practices. We ensure your project processes are codified in the system to ensure proper project governance procedures are followed. Just like your projects, we strive to meet every expectation to deliver on time and on budget.

We know projects.

We know how to run projects, and your system implementation is a project. We ensure successful progress with checkpoints every step of the way. Investing in a partner with a proven track record for project management, and a clear plan to reach your goals gets you a giant step closer to a successful end-result.

Setting up the Implementation Project

The proper plan makes success more likely. ADEACA will plan your implementation project from start to finish so we know we are on track and will deliver your system with the agreed upon goals.

Project Definition

  • What are key objects and business goals?
  • What are metrics that are important indicators of success?
  • What is in and out of scope?

Deliverables & Timelines

  • What are the phases of the project?
  • What are the milestones and decision gates?
  • What is the go-live date?

Team & Governance

  • Who is serving various roles?
  • What is the change control process?
  • What are the possible risks?
  • What is the communication plan?

Being Project-Business-Ready Means Simpler Deployment

System deployments can be daunting, but that is not Project Business Automation. Our streamlined and straightforward onboarding approach takes the complexity out of the process. We have broken it down into 3 general phases that encompass your path to company-wide adoption.


ADEACA ONE PBA is Project Business Ready, so we only need to configure (not customize) the software to your requirements, creating common integrations and fine-tuning the system to your functional and technical specifications.

Testing & Training

Here we make sure the system works to your requirements and expectations, which includes system testing and various levels of user tests. We also start the user training process to ensure successful adoption of the system and new procedures.

Deployment & Go Live

We conduct all the necessary data migrations, set up the users and ready the system for usage. A phased approach to the roll out of the system ensures users are able to digest the new system and procedures one step at a time.

Development & Customizations

As part of the Solution Architecture process, we will determine if we need to go beyond system configuration and customize part of the solution for you. Every business is unique. If there is an area critical to the business that isn’t covered in Microsoft’s and ADEACA’s existing technology, we will build it for you.

We built Dynamics, we can build your solution too.

As the primary architects of the original Dynamics system, we know the solution inside and out. We built ADEACA ONE seamlessly into the existing architecture, and have the extensive capabilities to ensure your solution meets all your needs from a systems standpoint.

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