Microsoft Dynamics Consulting & Solution Architecture for Project-Based Companies

We Make Digital Transformation a Reality for Project-Driven Companies

As a project-based company, you need a project business expert to architect the right solution for you. ADEACA takes Microsoft technology and infuses our own project-centric software and expertise to create a project-first solution for your company.

It Starts with Project Governance

No matter what solution you seek, we need to consider your project business needs. We help standardize your processes and data into a system, codifying your project governance. The result is more control over your project business with real-time insight and enhanced, company-wide collaboration.

We Simplify Your Project Governance

First, we break down project governance into a model that can be easily understood and implemented. It is all about standardizing your processes and data. Here is how it works:

  • Standardize your processes to give you best practices, so you do things the best way consistently
  • Standardize your data to give you consistent metrics that you can use to measure performance reliably across the portfolio and the organization
  • Integrate your processes to give you unified workflows that lead to alignment in your operations
  • Integrate your data to give you one source of truth that everyone can rely on

We Systemize Your Project Governance

Once simplified, we can then apply this model to all the business systems and applications you need for your project business. As a result:

  • Best practices are codified, and error and bias are eliminated through automation
  • Data is normalized and made compatible
  • Processes are connected automatically for instant alignment
  • Data is consolidated, centralized and made accessible

This systemization provides:

  • Trusted real-time intelligence
  • Efficient & effective company-wide collaboration

Functional Expertise

Project business functions are unique

As project business experts, we understand the core of your business. Our goal is to ensure that the fundamental, project-driven elements of your company are included in your solution to provide the most impact to your business.

Other consultants without project business expertise may try to sell you a solution that has basic financial or accounting elements, for example. But what about managing your projects, financially and operationally? Only project business experts like ADEACA can make sure your entire business is covered.

Process design

We help determine your organization’s end-to-end functions that need to be considered in your solution. We then establish and document the functional process requirements and user roles, from project and portfolio management, to first-line resources, executive oversight and even customer collaboration. We then map these requirements to specific technology that can get the job done.

Technical Expertise

We know project business technology

With more than a decade of building solutions for project-driven companies, we know what is possible and how to utilize technology to optimize your project business. As part of the team that built the original Dynamics platform, we know the software inside and out and can architect the right solution for your project business. Our technical experts provide:

Infrastructure Requirements

Based on business needs, we will assess what the infrastructure should look like and make recommendations for either on-prem or cloud-based deployments.


We help plan the installation of the environment and all the different components required in your solution. Security is of utmost concern here as well, making sure we have the proper protocols in place for your company.

Configuration & Customization

We will document how the system will need to be configured or customized for your business. ADEACA ONE is project-business ready, which means most implementations only require configuration, not customization, which lowers costs dramatically and future-proofs your solution allowing for easy upgrades.

Data Migration

We will identify data that can be brought over from legacy systems and develop a plan for data migration. We will ensure through proper testing that the data is valid and loaded properly into the new system.

The Right System for Your Project Business

Deliver more projects on time and on budget

In the end, our solution architecture team will create a project-centric system for your project-centric business. We consider all your unique business and technical requirements and apply our project governance model to ensure a comprehensive solution for your company. The aim is always to improve your operations, so you can deliver more projects on time and on budget, leading to better overall business performance.

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