Organizational Change Management for Project-Based Companies

Demystifying Digital Transformation for Project Business

ADEACA’s Organizational Change Management consulting will help your company smoothly transition to Project Business Automation. You have to think differently about your processes, how you interact, and transparency. We will steward you through this change to maximize adoption and the intended business benefits as you take your company through this digital transformation journey.

Project Business Automation is a New Concept

The ability to standardize and integrate all your processes and data into one core system is foreign to most project-based companies. They are used to dealing with disparate applications and data sets, and having to manage processes in an uncontrolled, chaotic environment.

Project Business Automation eliminates many of these disparate applications and integrates processes in ways never seen. As a result, people have to get used to a new system and a new way of doing things. PBA provides project governance in a system, which standardizes processes, so you can better control and measure output. Consequently, many people may not have as much freedom in how they work. This change requires close oversight to ensure successful adoption of the new systems and procedures.

Consistent Manageable Steps are Key

When adopting new systems and procedures, it is important not to do too much at once. Our vision is to create a more efficient organization where the people and processes are more connected. To make sure this happens, we must roll out the change in manageable steps that people can adopt and master quickly. If we push out too much at once, no one masters anything, and the project suffers.

To ensure success, ADEACA will help you create a roll-out plan that stages the adoption cycle. During each phase we ensure the change is accepted, that new processes are followed, and we allow time for workers to create new habits around the new process and system. After full adherence, we move to the next phase. With this approach, we make sure the vision and benefits of the system are fully realized.

Cornerstone Training

Complete adoption of the system requires excellent training and access to self-learning tools. We provide each client access to a comprehensive video training library that walks each user through the system according to their role.

Building a Team Environment

To ensure change is accepted, it is important to build support for the change from all sides. This starts with a designated "champion" inside the company who can garner support from all levels of the organization, from front-line workers to project managers all the way up to top executives. The team environment will boost morale around the change and get people excited for a new and better way to work.

Executive Sponsorship

Complete sponsorship from top level management is crucial to success. Executives must not only buy in to the change, but fully believe in it. Their enthusiasm (or lack thereof) for change is contagious throughout the company and will drive success or failure in the end.

ADEACA will help you build support throughout the organization with the proper tools and best practices that foster a positive change environment.

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