Introduction to Project Business Automation

The first step in your journey to PBA is to understand what PBA is and how it can benefit your company.

Acquiring and deploying an enterprise-wide business system can be daunting. Our streamlined and straightforward onboarding approach takes the complexity out of the process. The goal of Step 1 is to ensure that PBA is a good fit for your business and determine that you would like to move on to a more thorough evaluation.

1. Do Your Research

Most Project Businesses are not even aware that a solution like Project Business Automation exists. Therefore, it is important that you familiarize yourself with PBA and gain a general understanding if it will benefit your company.

Are you a Project Business?

Are you in construction, engineering, ETO manufacturing or professional services? PBA may be a good fit.

The Case for PBA

Download the Project Business Automation Blueprint to get a thorough definition of PBA as a category of business systems and why it makes sense for project-based companies.

Learn more about Adeaca PBA

Learn more about the core components of Adeaca’s PBA solution and the benefits you can expect for your company.

2. Formal Introduction to Adeaca and Project Business Automation

Set up an introductory call to learn more about Adeaca and Project Business Automation, covering these four areas:

we are

Learn about Adeaca and our mission to make enterprise software work for project business.


Learn about PBA and why it has the power to transform the way you run your company.


Tell us about your business so we both understand PBA’s fit for your company.


If high-level introductions point to a good fit, set up PBA Solution Overview.

3. Project Business Automation Solution Overview

Get a high-level demonstration of Adeaca PBA and see a fully integrated Project Business system in action. See concrete examples of the key PBA differentiators.

Process and Data Standardization | Workflow Automation | Real-time Insight: Early Detection

4. Validate Initial Fit

Is PBA a good fit for your business? Are you ready for the PBA transformation? If so, you are ready for Step 2 in the journey to PBA.