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Power Generation Companies

In today’s economy, power generation companies have to overcome a number of challenges, including changes in regulations, industry structures, and customer demands.

To remain competitive, companies in the power generation industry have to operate more efficiently and continue to innovate to deal with energy demands, aging infrastructure, and environmental regulations.

However, it isn’t easy for power generation companies to attain this operational excellence when they’re faced with the challenges of today’s complex utility environment. To meet these challenge, companies need better, more flexible and more sustainable ways to managing power generation.

Power generation companies have to develop new ways of working so they can face risk, deal with the ever-changing business landscape, as well as seize new business opportunities.

Project Based

Companies in the power generation industry have to deliver more value from their projects and that means they have to have better control of their projects, reduce time to market, improve asset performance and minimize budget variances.

To accomplish those goals, companies in the power generation industry have to take advantage of the right technology so they can drive asset and labor productivity; reduce the cost of power generation; streamline business processes; improve internal and external communications; and boost the bottom line

Power generation companies that adopt this technology will operate more efficiently because they can monitor real-time performance indicators from different power generating stations and do more strategic planning across all departments


Companies in the power generation industry need the right project management technology to enable them to develop new organizational functionalities, control the costs of their projects, improve the integrity of their assets, drive supply chain opportunities, reduce the construction schedule risk, and deliver enhanced asset production efficiency.

Power generation companies need a system that not only ensures they have real-time access to data, but also enables them to incorporate and leverage that data before, during and after capital project construction.

To help manage the complexity and volume of this data, most companies in the power generation industry implement disparate project management tools but their business operations run less efficiently than ever. Advanced technology is key to helping power generation companies deliver projects more efficiently.

Project ERP

To track complex projects, power generation companies must implement a structured, controlled way of managing their projects via a Project ERP system. The system should enable them to monitor all the changes to the costs and progress of their projects and allow them to make adjustments instantly.

When problems arise, Project ERP helps power generation companies rapidly respond to customer requests as well as better manage and execute their projects

The premise of Project ERP is that accurate and timely information must flow seamlessly between the various business functions. That way decision-makers will not only have visibility into what’s going on inside the enterprise, they’ll also have greater control over all parts of the business.


By choosing ADEACA’s Project ERP solution to help manage day-to-day project operations power generation companies can meet their project goals and deadlines. With a true Project ERP system like the one offered by ADEACA, power generation companies can:

  • Provide a more cohesive view of operations in real-time
  • Allow for a high level of equipment availability and safety
  • Increase the life of their assets, cut down on manual work, and make cost-effective maintenance planning possible
  • Meet the need for global standards
  • Effectively evaluate the profitability of projects in the sales phase and maintain that profitability through planning, design, and development
  • Ensure high cost equipment and resources are utilized effectively across a portfolio of projects
  • Reduce margin variance and cost overruns by showing exactly which resources and equipment will be available prior to project start
  • Improve post-delivery service opportunities by coming in on time and on budget more often
  • Quickly respond to scope changes and other external delays, including the impact across their portfolio of projects
  • Provide a clear real time view of their utilization and profitability across their entire portfolio of projects and clients
  • Enable close collaboration between their people, no matter where in the world they are based
  • Effectively manage time, costs, resources, contracts, and changes in a single solution

Generic ERP just doesn’t work for project-based businesses like power generation companies. In fact, implementing an enterprise ERP system could even hinder productivity and profitability.

Project ERP software from ADEACA, on the other hand, will enable companies in the power generation industry to effectively manage and control their client engagements and all related processes while at the same time provide the required insights into business performance. This means they can operate more efficiently, make timely and informed business decisions, reduce risks and increase profitability.
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