Microsoft Dynamics 365 for EPCI Contractors

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Project Management, Financials & Analytics unified into one system

The next generation business system for project-driven companies is here. Automate and optimize your project business by moving your entire organization into a single cloud solution.

EPCI Insight, Productivity & Profit

With each contract, Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation (EPCI) companies have to manage any number of variables, as well as deal with various unknowns. EPCI contractors often manage dozens, maybe even hundreds, of distinct projects that depend heavily on well-managed subcontracts.

Managing the ensuing risks is a top priority for EPCI engineering and construction contractors as you bid, plan and execute successful projects. Because your margins are already tight, EPCI contracting companies certainly don’t need unexpected events eating into the profits.

The way to mitigate the uncertainty is to make sure the information you have is accurate and timely so you can monitor your entire project portfolio continuously and react instantly when situations change.

Achieving Transformation Through Unification

The way forward for EPCI contractors is to unify your organizational functions, both project operations and financials inside the ERP. Data flows seamlessly throughout the company and workflows progress fast and effortlessly, providing the real-time insight you need to run your company more effectively.

ADEACA provides this solution along with our transformational guidance and advisory services to ensure you complete the transition and start achieving success for your business.

Meet ADEACA ONE on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud

A platform for how project-driven, EPCI companies should operate.

Adeaca One for Dynamics 365

Optimize your project financials and operations together. Make real-time, data-driven decisions for your company.

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Meet the Pioneers

Our customers share our passion for transforming the project-driven enterprise into a lean, boundaryless organization.

They push the limits to meet the demands their businesses face. As leaders in their industries, they prove every day that real-time insight and clear decision making are significant contributors to their operational excellence.

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