Is Dynamics 365 Project Operations right for your company?

Project-driven business needs more than D365 Project Operations can offer. Project Business Automation for Dynamics is the answer.

Project Business Automaton from Adeaca seamlessly integrates all project business financials and operations inside Dynamics 365 Finance. Download the whitepaper below to discover what Project Operations is missing before its too late.

How does Dynamics 365 Project Operations Compare to Adeaca Project Business Automation for Dynamics 365?

When it comes to essential project business support, Project Operations doesn’t add up. Here are just a few of the areas we cover in the whitepaper below.


D365 Project Operations

Adeaca PBA for D365

Project Estimation (Project Modeling)


Fully Supported

Budget Management


Fully Supported


Not supported

Fully Supported

Cost Control


Fully Supported

Project Scheduling


Fully Supported

Project Supply Chain

Not supported

Fully Supported

Issue and Risk Management

Not supported

Fully Supported

Resource Management

Somewhat supported

Fully Supported

Project Insight and Analytics

Somewhat supported

Fully Supported

Fully Supported Fully Supported

Somewhat supported Somewhat Supported

Insufficient Insufficient

Not supported Not Supported

Download the Whitepaper

Compare D365 Project Operations to Adeaca Project Business Automation for D365

For project-driven business needs, many may consider Dynamics 365 Project Operations (formerly Dynamics 365 Finance project management and accounting and Project Service Automation). To help your evaluation, this whitepaper provides a comprehensive comparison between the functionality found in Project Operations and Adeaca Project Business Automation (PBA) as an alternative.

Adeaca PBA works inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance to create one platform on which project-based companies can run their entire business. If you run project-driven business, from AEC to manufacturing to biotech to energy to professional services, you need this whitepaper.

Adeaca PBA goes well beyond what Project Operations can offer project-driven business.

See a detailed comparison and evaluation of both applications for the following functionality:

  • Project Modeling
  • Budget management
  • Cost control
  • Month-end process
  • Project scheduling
  • Issue and risk management
  • Resource management
  • Project supply chain
  • Project insight and analytics

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Will Dynamics 365 Project Operations Solve Your Problems?

"My ERP does not support our project-based processes."

ERPs are financial systems originally built for discrete manufacturers and distribution companies. Projects are an after-thought for most ERP vendors.

"We use spreadsheets everywhere in our processes."

You use spreadsheets because you don’t have your data in one place and/or you don’t have a system that can help you analyze it.

"Our project estimates are not accurate, consistent, or timely."

Your quotes don't represent what is actually required for a project. As a result, you lose deals when you over-estimate and lose money when you under-estimate.

"We don't have a good way to track costs once the project starts."

You cannot track the costs of operations because they are not directly tied to your financial system.

Only Project Business Automation can help you solve all of these problems and more

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