Webinar: How to move your project business to the cloud

Insightful guidance for project-based companies to organize their business and capitalize on the promise of the cloud.

Why is it so hard for companies in project-based industries (construction, engineering, ETO manufacturing, professional services) to take advantage of the cloud? Do you face this challenge? Register below to find ways to help your company.

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This webinar focuses on how project-based companies can move their workloads to the cloud and begin their digital transformation. As a project business, you are different than most companies because projects are the center of your business model. That means the problems you face, and the required solutions are project-centric too. This difference is why project-based companies struggle to take advantage of the cloud. In this webinar we will present a new methodology for simplifying how you look at your project business and the applications and systems you use, providing a clear path to the cloud with all its expected value and more.

Key takeaways:

  • Key components and methods to simplify your move to the cloud
  • How to substantially increase the value you receive from the cloud
  • Case study examples that can assist in planning your cloud migration

ADEACA is a premier Microsoft partner focusing on project business for the last 10+ years. Our customers include well known project-based companies from the AEC, ETO Manufacturing and PSO industries, such as KPMG, Northrop Grumman, APi Group and Johns Hopkins Medicine. We make digital transformation a reality for project-driven companies.

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Join us:

Thursday, March 7th
11:00 AM EST