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How Project Business Automation Can Help You

Project Business Automation from ADEACA can help your company unify your project and business functions in one system. PBA encompasses your entire project business and subsumes many familiar applications required for all project businesses. PBA eliminates the need to maintain these disparate applications and integrates their functionality into one system.


Project Management

Project Financials/ Accounting

Project Analytics

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Unify Your Projects and Business

Project Operations – Project management is not a standalone function but occurs within the greater business framework. PBA puts your project planning and scheduling at the center of your business allowing you to leverage it to build all operational plans, budgets, and financials.

Project Insight – Real-time project and portfolio analytics made possible with Project Business Automation supersede the need for any BI tool. In addition to real-time KPIs for project finance and operations, PBA rolls those up into overall business metrics as well.

Project Financials – Extend basic project accounting with cost breakdown structures, estimate at completion, earned value management, change management and cash-flow projections instantly and fully aligned with project operations.

Project Owner Collaboration – Eliminate the need for those monthly status meetings and reduce calls from project owners asking for project information. ADEACA ONE Project Business Automation provides real-time collaboration between the project owner and vendor.

Take the guess work out of your projects

Comprehensive Project Governance

Standardize and automate processes across departments and functions. Gain complete control with verifiable metrics from start to finish on every project.

Real-time Insight

Operate from one source of truth to provide 24/7 real-time visibility into project and portfolio performance, giving you the ability to detect and solve small issues before they become big problems.

Complete Collaboration

Integrate normally disparate functions to provide seamless worklfows so you can effectively collaborate with all team members and project owners in real time.

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