Project Business Maturity Assessment

Actionable insights to improve your project-based business - free from Microsoft & ADEACA

Gain a greater understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and get clarity on how to move forward in the digital age for projects. What is important and what isn’t when assessing your processes, systems and business intelligence? Get started with your assessment below.

How to deliver more projects on time and on budget

Get actionable insights into your processes, systems and intelligence data.

Microsoft and ADEACA have teamed up to offer this high-level evaluation of your organization with the aim to optimize your project business processes, systems and intelligence data. [Read the blog: What is Project Business and why is it important?] This assessment will help you more clearly understand your capabilities as a project-based company and how well equipped you are to handle the challenges in your project industry. We will share with you our insights into what areas you should focus on in the future and how you can improve as a project business going forward and deliver more projects on time and on budget.

You will receive a report on your organization, highlighting what areas are performing well and what areas need attention with recommendations on how to move forward. The assessment deliverables focus on these three critical areas:


Goal: Understand the breadth of business processes in your organization, identify the most complex and valuable areas of focus to improve your business.

This is a key area for us to understand your business. We will first profile your organization and business with a focus on the types of projects you complete for your clients and the key business challenges you face today. We will outline your core business domains and process areas and rank their relative value and complexity. We will do high-level mapping to understand process overlaps and interconnectivity. Then we will identify the most important areas in your business to make progress going forward.

Deliverables: Business process heatmap based on importance and complexity


Goal: Understand the degree to which the business is automated. Identify non-automated areas and the associated cost of lack of automation along with the potential benefits of introducing automation.

We will map out your current application landscape including critical business applications and systems for your project business including: ERP, CRM, Project/Program Management, Project Finance/Accounting, Scheduling/Planning, Estimation, etc. As part of this process we will diagram how these different systems are connected and what interfaces and data exchanges are automated or manual in nature. In the end, we will strive to uncover what areas in your business are ripe for automation and which areas should yield the most business impact. In addition, we will illustrate a future business application landscape that maximizes your business process automation.


  • Current application landscape diagram
  • Suggested future application landscape
  • Automation rating


Goal: Understand the business’ ideal reporting requirements and the current system’s ability to deliver those KPIs.

Insight is critical to running a project business well, because you can’t improve what you can’t measure. We will identify what KPIs you are currently using and rank them by their relative importance to your project business. A key understanding is how these reports are generated, from what data sources, through what tools and how timely is the information when delivered. Then we will demonstrate different ways to improve the timeliness and trustworthiness of your metrics. We will also identify new KPIs that could better support daily decision making at your company.


  • KPI listing including source, availability, reliability, lag and importance – and how to improve them
  • Suggested new metrics & KPIs for your project business
  • Overall insight rating

How to get started and what to expect

Request Your Free Assessment Now

The Project Business Maturity Assessment is a valuable service offered completely free by ADEACA and Microsoft.

Here is how to get started:

  • Step 1: Request - To request an assessment, fill out the form. One of our consultants will contact you to initiate the process, including the signing of a non-disclosure agreement if required.
  • Step 2: Questionnaire - We will send you a brief questionnaire on the three critical areas discussed above.
  • Step 3: Discovery Discussion - We will conduct a briefing with you and/or key members of your team to clarify, refine and elaborate on important information for the assessment.
  • Step 4: Delivery - We will deliver a full written report that encompasses all deliverables. At a time of your convenience, we will present our findings and lead an interactive discussion with members of your team regarding the completed assessment and our further recommendations.