Lean Project Enterprise Pioneers

Leading the project-driven enterprise to achieve a lean transformation

They push the boundaries to meet the demands their businesses face. As leaders in their industries, they prove every day that real-time insight and decision making are significant contributors to their operational excellence. Learn more about how they have adopted lean management thinking by reading their stories below.

Transforming Project Industries

It’s our humble goal at ADEACA to transform project industries and bring them into the modern, real-time world, on par with all other industries that have adopted lean management practices.

Want to see what transformation looks like? Take a look at the these leading project-centric companies that already have begun their transformational journey with ADEACA.

ICM cuts ERP costs by more than $400,000 while streamlining enterprise project management with ADEACA.

ICM makes ethanol production more efficient for manufacturers around the world. ICM, Inc. also improves efficiencies across the entire biofuels spectrum by pioneering technology for power plants and grain-processing facilities.

Real-time project status made possible by putting projects at the center of their ERP with ADEACA has revolutionized ICM's process and increased efficiency across the company.

Watch the video to learn more.

Northrop Grumman is a $25 billion defense contractor with operations all over the world. It needed to streamline its project processes in its international subsidiaries while ensuring accurate and timely data flow to US management.

Download the case study now to learn why & how Northrop Grumman: 

  • Deployed a two-tier ERP strategy
  • Found ADEACA + Microsoft Dynamics is easier to use and support than its primary SAP system
  • Optimized workflows so well that it is rolling out the solution to all international operations

KPMG Case Study

KPMG needed a solution to manage internal and external project requirements from various industries. It lacked real-time insight into project performance, which put the company at risk. It searched the market for an integrated lean solution that could deliver financial, human resource and project management together. After thorough evaluations, it chose ADEACA. 

Download the case study now to learn why & how:

  •  SAP would not allow KPMG to reach is goals of process optimization and consolidation
  •  ADEACA supports all the business processes found in KPMG’s project-centric businesses – from quote to cash – within one single solution
  •  KPMG standardized and improved process coordination to achieve real-time visibility into project performance

APi Group, a multi-billion-dollar construction firm, uses ADEACA to standardize business processes across its portfolio of subsidiaries, providing real-time insights to executives to help make better, more timely decisions.

Download the case study now to learn why & how APi Group: 

  • Saves time and ultimately money by alerting managers to issues before they become widespread problems
  • Standardized and simplified system processes for project managers
  • Optimized workflows and reduced delays

Envac Group invented the vacuum waste system in 1961 and today the systems are in operation all over the world - in residential areas, business premises, town centers, industrial kitchens, hospitals and airports. Rapid growth spurred Envac’s need for an enterprise system to manage project-based business processes. ADEACA provides quick access to information, significantly improving decision making.

Download the case study now to learn how Envac:

  • Transformed business processes from error-prone manual procedures to instant and controlled steps
  • Executives and managers have real-time access to information that took weeks to gather before
  • Achieved ROI in less than 2 years

Qioptiq project erp

As a high-end optomechanical manufacturer serving a wide range of industries, including defense and aerospace businesses, project-driven Qioptiq needed fundamentally different information to manage and optimize operations than it could retrieve from a generic ERP system. It is important for Qioptiq to have real-time information on its programs as well as the ability to link programs through to procurement and manufacturing.

Qioptiq needed to go lean. It needed a fully integrated system for running project-based programs and the production side of the business. ADEACA checked all the boxes.

Download the case study now to learn how:

  • ADEACA enabled Qioptiq to organize its entire business 
  • Real-time information sped up operations and reporting exponentially for Qioptiq
  • Qioptiq is making better and faster decisions than before

Other Lean Trendsetters

Here are a few more intrepid customers that have taken the steps to become a lean project enterprise. Would you like to learn more about how they did it? Contact us today. 

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