Azure AI for Project Business

ADEACA will help you make sense of AI for projects.

How can artificial intelligence revolutionize your business so you can drive the future in your industry? We have a few ideas.

Project Business Use Cases

We know it seems far-fetched, what can AI do for my project business? We can help you demystify AI. There are many applications already in use that are relevant for project business.

Predictive project success

ADEACA ONE Project Insight uses your project data to analyze trends in your portfolio, alerting you earlier to deviations that can lead to problems and project failures. As we continue to build out this capability, predictive project metrics will be introduced that indicate the probability of where a project will succeed and fail.

Predictive maintenance

In many cases, the builder of a product is also contracted to maintain it. ETO manufacturers or construction companies can embed IoT intelligence into their finished products to detect anomalies that help prevent expensive failures and outages for their customers.

Defect detection with
image analysis

When inspecting facilities or infrastructure, to avoid invasive and destructive analysis, intelligent image processing can be used to detect issues. AI-driven image classification reduces human effort and automatically classifies images as pass or fail. This improves not only the efficiency of the human operators, but also the quality of the overall process.

AI Process

Incorporating AI into your applications consists of three key steps, but depending on your requirements and capabilities, Azure AI has flexible tools to suit your needs. Select our pre-built tools like Cognitive Services for enterprise-grade, off-the-shelf technology that can enable some customization, or choose a tool like Azure Machine Learning that allows you to bring your own data to enable deeper control and customization.

Prepare data

Connect to various sources to ingest data

Build & train

Establish a model and train with the data


Deploy the model and track performance

Why Azure AI from ADEACA?

Productive and powerful AI tools

Get started with our comprehensive offering to create innovative AI applications: choose from innovative Pre-Built AI to Customizable ML and Deep Learning services and tools.

Benefit from decades of AI investment

From Microsoft Research to Bing, Office, Windows, Xbox, and other AI-driven products, Microsoft has been using AI for decades. That’s why there are so many proven pre-built AI models for you to use directly in your project business applications.

Enterprise Grade AI

Microsoft has been leading the industry in establishing and meeting clear security and privacy requirements. Azure meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards, such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, and SOC Rigorous third-party audits verify Azure’s adherence to the strict security controls these standards mandate.

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