Getting Started with Project Business Automation is Easy

Adeaca PBA™ is Project Business Ready

It's is built for project-based business and eliminates the need for costly customizations and unnecessary integrations, which lowers uncertainty and deployment cost.

Choosing Adeaca PBA™ Means Choosing Simplicity

Adeaca PBA™ encompasses all of your required standard project business functionality off-the-shelf, greatly simplifying your adoption experience. As a cloud solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, the usual complexity of deploying your new business system is removed.  ADEACA PBA is already built for your project business, so you can expect:

  • Lower risk with our tried and tested IP that covers your project operations and financials in one business system - no disjointed desktop tools
  • Eliminated custom development since you are merely configuring the solution, not customizing it
  • Accelerated implementation, which cuts costs and compresses time to ROI
  • No custom interfaces that lead to complex integrations that need to be maintained
  • Easier future upgrades since everything is standard and configured "out-of-the-box"
With Adeaca PBA you avoid the perils of most project-based companies. They attempt to adapt their current standalone applications and systems to their project business through cumbersome and intricate integrations and extensive customizations, which leads to expensive implementations with ever-expanding scope and complicated upgrade paths.

Being Project-Business-Ready Means Simpler Deployment

Normal ERP deployments can be daunting, but that is not Project Business Automation. Our streamlined and straightforward onboarding approach takes the complexity out of the process. We have broken it down into 3 general phases that encompass your path to company-wide adoption.


Adeaca PBA™ is Project Business Ready, so we only need to configure (not customize) the software to your requirements, creating common integrations and fine-tuning the system to your functional and technical specifications.

Testing & Training

Here we make sure the system works to your requirements and expectations, which includes system testing and various levels of user tests. We also start the user training process to ensure successful adoption of the system and new procedures.

Deployment & Go Live

We conduct all the necessary data migrations, set up the users and ready the system for usage. A phased approach to the roll out of the system ensures users are able to digest the new system and procedures one step at a time.

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