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Project Business Automation

KPMG Brings Real-Time Visibility To Projects And Transforms Its Business

Read below to learn how KPMG Switzerland deployed Project Business Automation for its project-based business.

Executive Summary

KPMG Switzerland needed a solution to manage internal and external project requirements from various industries. It lacked real-time insight into project performance, which put the company at risk. It searched the market for one integrated solution that could deliver financial, human resource and project management together. After thorough evaluations, it chose ADEACA's Project Business Automation to deliver on that promise.

  • SAP would not allow KPMG to reach is goals of process optimization and consolidation
  • ADEACA supports all the business processes found in KPMG’s project-centric businesses – from quote to cash – within one single solution
  • KPMG standardized and improved process coordination to achieve real-time visibility into project performance

Challenge - Project Variety

From numerous industries with various project needs. For example, KPMG delivers auditing service for financial services but also for corporate clients – from very small companies to big corporate groups, which means it faces different demands from different business lines.

The challenge for KPMG Switzerland, then, was to find the tools to map all those business requirements and provide the right processes to help its employees do their jobs better servicing their customers.

“Each business line has a different focus on customers,” said Anastasios Anagnostou, senior manager ERP at KPMG Switzerland. “For example, we have long-term and complex projects that require many resources.


“And we have some environments where we have just-in-time delivery, meaning if you consider an audit, it has to be delivered just in time. You have a time frame where you must issue a report, and you depend on deliveries from clients. So you have to schedule your resources to be at the right place at the right time to get the deliveries, to work on them, and then to deliver the necessary reports.”

In addition, the company also deals with internal projects such as software rollouts or relocation or reconstruction projects.

Challenge - Visibility

Initially, KPMG Switzerland, which has 1,700 employees, was using a home-grown Lotus Notes-based system to plan its projects and allocate its resources along with Oracle applications for financial management, invoicing and reporting.

The fact that those two systems weren’t integrated meant they were operating with unnecessary waste, which seriously hindered the firm’s productivity and profitability because business executives didn’t have real-time visibility into how the company’s projects were performing.

Not having real-time insight into its projects meant that KPMG Switzerland was making critical business decision using inaccurate, inconsistent and outdated data, putting the company at risk.

“We had a system to do human resource and payroll. We had another system to manage our customer engagements. We needed to find a system that was integrated and could deliver all those services in one package but at the same time also deliver project management functionality.”

The Project Business Automation Solution

The KPMG team considered a generic ERP system, but a traditional ERP would not align all company functions in one system, and therefore could not support a unified approach they wanted to take.

“It’s not the core of an ERP system to provide project management functionality,” Anagnostou said.

KPMG Switzerland knew that it needed one fully integrated ERP system to support its core business processes. The company searched the market for an all-in-one real-time standard solution.

After thorough evaluation, KPMG Switzerland decided that the SAP solution pushed by KPMG International wouldn’t allow the company to realize its goals: the optimization and consolidation of its business processes.

“We considered SAP along with other products that were delivering project management functionality, but our main goal was to try to fully deliver functionality from one system and not with a software suite or different systems,” Anagnostou said. “We were also looking for a tool to provide a state-of-the-art project management functionality."

Ultimately, KPMG Switzerland selected ADEACA Project Business Automation because it supported KPMG Switzerland’s requirements out-of-the-box.

“The most important reason we choose ADEACA was because it delivered state-of-the-art project management functionalities within the ERP seamlessly,” according to Anagnostou. “Now we have a platform that everybody can use . . . and this enables us to act as one company.”

The Results

Choosing ADEACA has enabled KPMG Switzerland to effectively control its client engagements and all related processes while also giving decision makers the necessary real-time insight into the company’s business performance. KPMG Switzerland is operating more efficiently, making more timely and better informed business decisions, which is reducing risk and increasing profitability.

With Project Business Automation from ADEACA, KPMG Switzerland manages all its critical business processes in a single integrated solution without relying on point solutions and time-consuming, error-prone data translations between disparate business applications.

KPMG Switzerland has standardized and improved process coordination across the company to achieve real-time visibility into project performance, which is a completely new way of doing business.

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