Case Study: Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ADEACA PBA™ for Civil Engineering

ADEACA Project Business Automation™ (PBA)

ENVAC Standardizes, Integrates, Automates Project Business Processes with ADEACA PBA™, for Real-time Insight, Lower Risk, Better Outcomes

Learn how Envac restructured its processes and adopted a real-time approach to its project operations with Project Business Automation.

Executive Summary

Envac Group invented the vacuum waste system in 1961 and today the systems are in operation all over the world - in residential areas, business premises, town centers, industrial kitchens, hospitals and airports. Rapid growth spurred Envac’s need for an enterprise system to manage project-based business processes. ADEACA Project Business Automation provides quick access to information, significantly improving decision making.

Read the case study below to learn how Envac:

  • Transformed business processes from error-prone manual procedures to instant and controlled steps
  • Executives and managers have real-time access to information that took weeks to gather before
  • Achieved ROI in less than 2 years


In 2004 Envac experienced a rapid increase in activity across various countries that required the company consider switching to more advanced tools for managing and tracking its numerous design, installation, and maintenance projects.

At the time, Envac managers supervised their projects with Microsoft Office, budgeting in Excel and creating transaction documents in Word. For more complex projects, they would use Oracle Primavera or Microsoft Projects.


No centralized, company-wide solution for managing these long, complex projects existed. For example, simple procurement requests would be typed-up in Word and then printed, signed by multiple managers, scanned, faxed to the warehouse, and physically filed there. This manual approach was fraught with errors and delays.

These errors would often extend to the billing process since Envac’s accounting and billing systems were completely separate. Managers would have to manually match the item requests to corresponding purchase orders so that the items could be invoiced, which led to frequent billing errors.

The Solution - Project Business Automation

“Our project managers used different software tools to manage their projects, but we did not have a centralized solution that everyone used," said Rune Jørgensen, Project Manager for Envac’s Middle East and India Region.

"We came from nothing and found what we think is the best solution in the market.”

ADEACA Reconstructs Microsoft’s popular ERP into a solution that assimilates the specific project management tools required by project-driven industries with the common business functions found in an ERP. For example, Envac, like many other civil engineering and construction companies, focuses on design and management and relies on subcontractors to perform the installation of each system.

Project Business Automation from ADEACA manages subcontracts with seamless integration between the accounting data in AX and the delivery operations in the field. Envac exercises complete control over the entire subcontracting process – from the RFQ to project completion and final payment.

"Project-driven organizations need the features and insight you can only get in a project-specific solution, like ADEACA.”

The Results

"ADEACA took us from a manual world to a digital world,”

“The solution gives me better control and easier access to the information I require," said Jørgensen. "Having quick access to information helps me make better, more educated decisions on a daily basis. When an issue or question comes up, I can quickly check the system and make sure I am working off accurate information.”

ADEACA provides a lean management system that integrates and leverages information across departments with better visibility into the economic performance of the entire portfolio of projects, dramatically improving the processes and workflow at Envac.

Here is how Envac utilizes ADEACA:

  • Defining Project Scope Envac’s engineers and sales team develop a preliminary design to reach an agreement on the project’s parameters.
  • Procuring and Scheduling Once the detailed design is approved, the project manager can begin ordering and scheduling delivery of the necessary equipment and resources with ADEACA.
  • Managing Subcontractors Envac’s project managers use ADEACA to initiate the RFQ process, set up the subcontract and track the associated costs.
  • Invoicing All materials and resources used in the project are associated with purchase orders in ADEACA for proper tracking and billing.
  • Tracking and Reporting Envac project managers answer questions and report the status of all open projects monthly to clients and company executives using ADEACA.
  • Forecasting ADEACA captures knowledge from one project to the next, and gives users a point of reference for subsequent projects, allowing managers to learn and improve from project to project.

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