Microsoft shares closed up 7 percent on Monday, outperforming other major tech stocks. Why? It has seen a massive surge in the use of its cloud services.

As the coronavirus is forcing companies to embrace remote working, Microsoft is uniquely positioned to provide the solution.

Microsoft Teams has been adding users by the millions, adding 12 million more daily users in the course of a week, for a total of 44 million.

They have seen a 775 percent increase in Team’s calling and meeting monthly users in one month in Italy according to a Microsoft blog.

In addition to Teams and the Office 365 suite, Microsoft’s modern business applications, such as its ERP – Dynamics 365 Finance, are providing a seamless work-from-anywhere environment for its users as well.

Unfortunately, most Project Businesses have not been able to take advantage of these cloud-based solutions. We believe most Project Businesses need to rethink their cloud strategy.

Project-driven companies, that typically utilize a host of disparate applications to run their businesses, should look to the cloud as an opportunity to re-tool and prepare themselves for these types of crises in the future.

This short video explains why Project Businesses have had a tough time moving to the cloud and what they can do about it.

Project Businesses should look to the cloud as an opportunity to standardize and integrate their business processes into one end-to-end system that connects their employees, no matter where they work. And Microsoft is one of the best platforms to do that.

Download the Project Business Automation Blueprint to understand how you should begin your move to the cloud for your project-driven company.

Project Business Automation Blueprint