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AI in Project Management: Cutting through the Hype

AI in project management

There is so much hype around the use of AI in project management. What is the reality?

Join Chief Category Officer, Matt Mong, and Cornelius Fichtner on the PM Podcast for a candid discussion about AI in project management. Cutting through the hype, they tackle the real challenges AI faces in this field. Mong’s insights from Adeaca provide a critical perspective, revealing why AI isn’t the quick fix many believe it to be.

Discover the essential groundwork needed for AI to make a substantial impact in project management: data standardization and structure. Without these foundations, AI’s potential remains largely untapped. Explore how companies can shift towards a more data-centric approach to unlock AI’s true capabilities.

Ebook: AI in Project Business

How project business systems can set the stage for an AI revolution in project-driven organizations.

AI in project management

This conversation is a must-listen for project managers, business leaders, and tech enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re skeptical or a staunch advocate, gain a pragmatic understanding of AI’s role in project management’s future and how to effectively integrate it for tangible business results.