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The Value of Project Business Automation for Project-Based Companies

April 8th, 2020|Categories: Executive|Tags: , , , , , |

While we have established that Project Businesses (e.g. construction, engineering, ETO manufacturing and professional services) have non-standard business practices, that is not to say there isn’t a solution to standardize processes and data to automate and accelerate [...]

Cost Control: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance vs. Adeaca PBA

March 26th, 2020|Categories: Executive|Tags: , , , |

Successful Project Businesses understand the importance of being able to instantly see the financial impact of operational issues in their projects. For projects to be completed on time and within budget, both project operations and [...]

How to Maximize Value from the Cloud as a Project Business

March 24th, 2020|Categories: Cloud, Executive|Tags: , , , |

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is forcing companies to work remotely during these uncertain times. Unfortunately, most project-based companies are not equipped to do this. Of course, much of the hands-on construction and manufacturing work is being paused. [...]

Data-Driven Decisions Depend on Value-Adding Data

March 18th, 2020|Categories: Executive|Tags: , |

By: Dr. Marina Theodotou As the volume and velocity of change and data brought by digitization, advanced technologies, and demographics increases exponentially, making sound business decisions using data becomes critical. However, not all data is useful or reliable. This is problematic for business leaders because unreliable metrics can lead [...]

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