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What is Project Business and Why is it Important?

We are Project Business Experts at ADEACA. So, what do we mean by “Project Business”, how is that different than Project Management, and why is that important? The point of [...]

Microsoft Azure Cloud Resiliency: Backup & Disaster Recovery – Infographic

As a project-based company, can you afford to lose your critical business systems for 2 or 3 days? Is it ok if your projects grind to halt due to a [...]

3 Ways the Cloud can Help Your Project Business: Part 2 – Stay Protected

Watch this video from Microsoft to learn how the cloud can help you stay protected in your business. The cloud offers most businesses more security than they could afford otherwise [...]

Enterprise Cloud Strategy: Microsoft eBook

You may have seen the first version of this eBook back in 2015. Microsoft has since updated it because the Cloud is growing at such an exponential rate that much [...]

Infographic: Microsoft Cloud Identity and Access Management

One of the major concerns we hear about the cloud from customers is security. However, the truth of the matter is that your data is more secure in the cloud than [...]

What is Project Business Maturity? 4 Key Elements to Measure Your Project-Based Company

Before we answer what is Project Business Maturity, we have to first understand what we mean by the term “Project Business”. As we have discussed in other blogs, Project Business [...]

3 ways the cloud can help your business Part 1

We have written before on the subject of cloud, including Why CEOs and CFOs Are Embracing the Cloud, Cloud ERP = Lower Total Cost of Ownership, and Single-Tenant vs. Multi-Tenant Cloud ERP: What’s [...]

Project Governance Made Simple – Infographic

Project governance is the framework for how you execute projects and oversee their success. Why is it so important? Well, it is seen as the root cause for most project [...]

Project Insight Analytics Demo – ADEACA ONE Project Business Automation

Watch this video to see ADEACA ONE Project Insight in action. See how you can get real-time project and portfolio intelligence to help run your project business. Eliminate standalone project and portfolio intelligence [...]