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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Business

Over a decade ago, Adeaca was founded with the vision to improve the project business experience. We know the challenges project-based companies face and how to address them.

So, when it comes to project business, no one knows more than we do. Right from the beginning, we knew the best way to bring our project business solution to our customers was through the Microsoft platform.

Microsoft and Adeaca joined forces to deliver the leading enterprise ERP solution for project-driven organizations.

Stability of an Enterprise Solution with the Innovation to Drive Project Business Forward

Our specialized expertise in project industries, together with Microsoft’s platform for enterprises, enables us to deliver a comprehensive solution that meets the challenges of project-driven organizations everywhere.

Our customers span the globe and come from project business industries such as engineer-to-order and project manufacturing, architecture, engineering, construction, aerospace and defense, energy, biotech, professional services and more. Some of our clients include project-based enterprises like Northrop Grumman, John Hopkins and APi Group.

Our team of project experts combined with the full support of the Microsoft ecosystem guarantees these project-based organizations a team dedicated to their needs and high-quality technology that will remain relevant for decades.

First in Project Business Automation

We are the category creators of Project Business Automation (PBA), a new software category now recognized by Forrester as the next paradigm-shifting technology in project-based industries. We work with Microsoft to deliver this new technology to transform project-based companies that normally operate in a fragmented environment. Microsoft’s Dynamics platform is the first to offer this new category of solutions to the market with Adeaca.

Forrester’s adoption of the PBA category is not only a strong signal that the market is moving toward Adeaca’s vision of one integration business system for project-driven organizations, but also clearly validates Adeaca’s approach to transforming project business with PBA.

PBA is intended to replace the wide array of disparate applications that a project-based company normally uses to manage its business processes with one comprehensive system.

The three main functional areas of PBA include:

  • Project Financials and Accounting
  • Project Management and Operations
  • Project Insight and Analytics

All these functions are integrated in one system, providing real-time access and automation of project business processes, not otherwise possible when managed in separate applications.

Find out if PBA is a good fit for your company. Schedule a briefing with an expert to discuss your situation and how PBA could be applied to your business.

Combined Expertise and Exclusive Product Development

As experts and leading innovators in project business, we work with Microsoft’s Release Validation Program to consistently test our combined solution. Our product development with Microsoft is so exclusive that our solution is tested privately by Microsoft even before new versions of Dynamics are released to partners. This ensures maximum quality, performance, and continuity for our project-based customers.

In addition, our close product development with Microsoft means Adeaca PBA is embedded as seamlessly as native Microsoft modules on the platform. This means there’s only one solution to implement for the end customer. Those already using the Microsoft platform will see the native Dynamics platform grow into a comprehensive business system.

Only on Dynamics 365 Finance

Dynamics 365 Finance (D365F) is Microsoft’s ERP platform intended to meet the needs of today’s modern enterprise, managing business operations and processes from end-to-end. Unfortunately, traditional ERP components do not support the needs of project-based companies, as they were originally designed for industries with high-volume and repeatable processes.  

Adeaca PBA, seamlessly embedded into the Microsoft platform, turns it into an enterprise ERP for project-driven companies. D365F provides foundational business functionality such as general ledger, supply chain, human resource management, and reporting tools, while Adeaca PBA integrates support for core project business processes. Through our collaboration and innovation, all the base functionality in D365F becomes connected to and driven by projects.  

A Comprehensive Solution for Project Business

Project businesses are unique, and the fact is most business systems are not built to solve their complex problems. Project-based companies need to adopt a solution that best fits their business processes. Starting from the initial research, to implementing a system and ongoing support, we’ve got you covered. Together with Microsoft, we deliver project business solutions no one else can.

Download the Project Business Automation Blueprint to learn how PBA creates a streamlined, comprehensive system for project-based companies.