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About the PBA Academy Blog

Welcome to the PBA Academy blog where we cover all things Project Business.

Our Mission

Our mission at PBA Academy is to help current and future leaders of project organizations manage project business in an enterprise setting. That means we address everything from project business strategy and industry trends to business process reengineering and digital transformation to practical everyday project terminology. Our goal is to help you create a cohesive and streamlined project organization in your enterprise.

We publish thought leadership blogs on the latest trends and challenges shaping Project Businesses, innovations in technology that lead to better project outcomes, and proactive business management capabilities that drive improvements in efficiency, transparency, and control. Our blogs are also published in our newsletter with a circulation of over 25,000. Subscribe here.

Interested in writing for us?

We are looking for guest posts from industry leaders and project business experts who can provide unique perspectives on the business communities and industries they serve. We accept article ideas that advance conversations around Project Business topics and trends that engage our audience. We encourage you to draw from your own professional experiences to support your ideas, but any self, product or company promotion will not be accepted.

If you’d like to write for our blog, we ask that you submit a short pitch to media@adeaca.com. Please do not send completed articles. A pitch allows us to determine whether or not it is a topic of interest for our audience.

All pitch ideas submitted should be informative, educational, and non-promotional in nature.

Please include:

  • A working headline
  • A list of key points that the article would cover
  • Two to three paragraphs that outline why the story matters
  • Disclosure of any conflicts of interest
  • A short author bio between 5-7 sentences that includes your expertise on the topic

Code of Conduct:

  • All opinions expressed in the Adeaca blog are the opinions of the original authors, not of Adeaca.
  • All comments posted on the blog are available to the public.
  • If your blog is published to our site, you agree to be solely responsible for all the content you contribute and link to.
  • Adeaca is not liable for any submitted content published on the site.
  • Adeaca has an irrevocable and transferable right to exercise all copyright, publicity, and moral rights with respect to any original content you provide.
  • All comments are reviewed by Adeaca editorial staff and will appear once approved.
  • Adeaca reserves the right to unpublish any published information that violates the code of conduct.