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Microsoft Azure Cloud Resiliency: Backup & Disaster Recovery – Infographic

Microsoft Azure Cloud Resilience

As a project-based company, can you afford to lose your critical business systems for 2 or 3 days? Is it ok if your projects grind to halt due to a technology failure? If you are not utilizing the cloud for your Project Business, you cannot achieve true business continuity very easily.

Besides your data being more secure in the cloud, your backup & disaster recovery is achieved more easily and cheaper with the cloud. Microsoft Azure provides a comprehensive set of native business continuity solutions, providing high availability, disaster recovery, and backup to protect your mission critical applications and data.

What is Resiliency in Azure?

High availability
Maintaining acceptable continuous performance despite temporary failures in services, hardware, datacenters, or fluctuations in load.

Disaster recovery
Protection against loss of an entire region through asynchronous replication for failover of virtual machines and data using services such as Azure Site Recovery and geo-redundant storage (GRS).

Replication of virtual machines and data to one or more regions using Azure Backup.

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