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Infographic: Microsoft Cloud Identity and Access Management

One of the major concerns we hear about the cloud from customers is security. However, the truth of the matter is that your data is more secure in the cloud than on your own business property. Most data breaches occur due to user error, inexperience, or deliberate theft. In a user-centric, policy-based cloud architecture, these risks are more effectively mitigated.

Check out this infographic from Microsoft on Cloud Identity and Access Management to get a sense of the capabilities and benefits of cloud security with Microsoft Azure and ADEACA.

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Below are a few of the benefits of Azure Active Directory in the Cloud:

Single sign-on to any cloud and on-premises web app

Azure Active Directory provides secure single sign-on to cloud and on-premises applications including Microsoft Office 365 and thousands of SaaS applications.

Protect sensitive data and apps

Enhance application access security using rule-based Azure Multi-Factor Authentication for both on-prem and cloud applications. Protect your business with security reporting, auditing, alerting, and “shadow IT” application discovery. Take advantage of unique machine learning-based capabilities that identify potential threats.

Reduce costs and enhance security with self-service

Delegate important tasks such as resetting passwords and the creation and management of groups to your employees. Providing self-service application access and password management through verification steps can reduce helpdesk calls and enhance security.

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